Concert in memory of Ustad Hashim Mahmoud
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Concert in memory of Ustad Hashim Mahmoud

Ustad Asif Mahmoud and his son Yusuf Mahmoud, from Kabul, have taught tabla at Goldsmiths since 1990 and have been closely connected with the work of AMU from its inception. Yusuf is also a member of Ensemble Bakhtar, the Afghan group connected with Goldsmiths, with Veronica Doubleday, voice and daireh (frame drum) John Baily, rubab and dutar (Afghan lutes), Matthaios Tsahourides, Pontic lyra (fiddle). This concert commemorates the life and work of Ustad Hashim Mahmoud, one of Afghanistan's greatest musicians of the 20th century, tabla player, classical vocalist, composer and virtuoso player of various instruments. The concert has guest artists John Baily, Head of AMU, and Veronica Doubleday.

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