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About the Annual Fund

The Annual Fund has been at the heart of the Goldsmiths community since it was set up in 2009. Over the last eight years our supporters have donated more than £300,000 to the Annual Fund helping to fund over 250 projects, many of these awards providing our students with life-changing opportunities. 

Why we need your support

The Annual Fund is an essential resource supporting students, whether by making important contributions to the Student Hardship Fund, supporting scholarships and bursaries or helping students realise their ambitions in the form of extracurricular activities. With support from the Annual Fund we have also made several learning spaces more accessible, more flexible and more sustainable.

Now you can decide where your donation goes

For the first time, you can choose how you would like your donation to be used by selecting one of our funding priorities below. You can also continue to make your contribution directly to the Annual Fund and Goldsmiths can decide the allocation on your behalf.

Student hardship

Students often face unforeseen financial hardship during the course of the year as personal circumstances can change without warning with all sorts of knock-on financial effects. Your contribution to the Student Hardship Fund ensures that they stay with us and after they complete their studies here, go on to change the world around them.

Scholarships and bursaries

Our scholarship and bursary programme helps us to ensure that gifted students are not prevented from joining the University on the basis of their financial circumstances. Allowing students to focus on their studies rather than their financial circumstances enables them to fulfil their potential and achieve their very best during their time at Goldsmiths.

Extracurricular activities

Students and staff have brought to life a variety of extracurricular projects that would not have happened without the support of the Annual Fund. By supporting the Annual Fund in the past, you've helped us support projects that may not have happened without your generosity, from conferences and publications to planting sunflowers around the Goldsmiths campus. Find out how you made a difference.

Asking for your support

For three weeks, from 25 February until 19 March 2017, our small team of dedicated student callers were in touch with 900 Goldsmiths alumni to update them about what is happening at Goldsmiths today and ask them to consider supporting the Annual Fund. If you did not recieve a call and would like to contribute you can make a regular donation or single donation online to show your support.

Thank you to all of our donors whose generosity over the past year has made such a difference to the lives of current and future Goldsmiths students.

If you have any questions about the Annual Fund, email Sarah Enderby at alumni ( or call +44 (0)20 7896 2620.

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