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Projects supported by the Annual Fund

The Annual Fund brings to life projects across Goldsmiths that would otherwise remain unrealised. From launching publications to showcasing events, and from projects that help us to engage with the local community or improve Goldsmiths as a whole, it is down to the generosity of our supporters that we are able to offer this vital resource.

By supporting students experiencing financial hardship to be able to stay and complete their studies, there really is no limit on the impact the Annual Fund has and continues to have at Goldsmiths and beyond. 

Here are some of the projects that were made possible by your support:

Dedicated Listeners

Team of Dedicated Listeners

Recipient: RE:Mind Society
Funding: £1,000 in 2016

Dedicated Listeners is a student-led, peer support and wellbeing service offering one-to-one, confidential listening support to other students. Zoe, coordinator, (image, front left) says:

'We don’t give advice, we provide students with an outlet where they can freely talk about whatever they wish in a safe and confidential environment when they need it most. All volunteers have been trained to be able to provide this service in the most supportive and professional manner, without judgement or preconceptions.’

'Lola' Photo-wallpaper

Photo Wallpaper

Recipient: Mark Brogan (MA Curating)
Funding: £1,200 in 2016

The support from the Annual Fund helped to realise Mark's first UK installation of a photo-wallpaper work. Printed on billboard paper in Belgrade, the work spans the two longest walls of the third floor corridor of the Professor Stuart Hall Building at Goldsmiths, visually enriching and enlivening this once neutral space. Working in collaboration with Serbian architect Ana Lazarević and using 3D architectural modelling software, the work creates the illusion that the corridor expands beyond the limits of the 2D walls that surround it. Though originally conceived to be a temporary piece of work, it has been agreed that the work will remain indefinitely.

Eavi Gigs

Eavi gigs

Recipient: Embodied AudioVisual Interaction Group
Funding: £900 in 2016

The bi-monthly EAVI Gigs series is an accessible and experimental concert platform for boundary-pushing music held locally at the Amersham Arms and organised by the Embodied AudioVisual Interaction research group at Goldsmiths. Performances feature self-made electronic musical instruments and audio-visual systems, taking research from the lab to the stage. Now in its 13 edition, EAVI enables Goldsmiths students to perform alongside established music pioneers and mainstream artists engaging with technology.

Drift Exhibition


Recipient: Kevin Fitzgerald and Tanya Houghton (MA Photography and Urban Cultures)
Funding: £1,000 in 2015

Drift, an exhibition bringing together the work of 12 international photographers as part of Urban Photo Fest in conjunction with Tate Britain, was held during London Photo Month in October 2015. Each a participant of the MA Photography and Urban Cultures programme at Goldsmiths, the photographers brought together diverse stories from global cities and their edge-lands, revealing insights into the world we live in. Drift will host a range of events geared towards exploring the themes around urban cultures. These include an artist talk, urban walk and screening.

RE:mind Magazine

Re:mind launch event

Recipient: Orla Price (MA Art and Politics)
Funding: £1,000 in 2015

RE:mind is a student society that promotes open conversation about mental health. Funding from the Annual Fund helped with the cost of creating their pilot magazine. RE:mind has made contact with local mental health support organisations such as the local Samaritans and the community mental health team in New Cross. Recipient Orla Price: “Anomalie magazine has been a rewarding and exciting project for all those involved. We read many incredible and talented submissions full of honesty about mental health difficulty.” 

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