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Dr Gavin Weston

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Department of Anthropology
Goldsmiths, University of London
New Cross
SE14 6NW

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Friday 11am-1pm

My doctoral thesis 'Lynchings in Todos Santos Cuchumatan: A Genealogy of Post Conflict Violence' explored vigilantism in Guatemala and broader issues of post-war violence. I am particularly interested in the anthropology of violence, law, politics, gossip and anthropological theory more generally. I am currently working on a research proposal regarding the democratisation of security in the UK, looking at the the diverse spectrum of non-state security and policing spanning from vigilantism to paid private security patrols.


Dr Gavin Weston teaches the following courses:

Research interests

Research interests:
Vigilantism, violence, Guatemala, Latin America, political anthropology, legal anthropology and comic book vigilantes/superheroes among many other things.

Selected publications

2012. On the Pedagogical Strengths of Teaching ControversyTeaching Anthropology2(1)

2012. Superheroes and Comic Book Vigilantes Versus Real Life Vigilantes: An Anthropological Answer to the Kick-Ass Paradox. Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 4(2). [PDF Download]‌‌

2011. (Un)Imagining the State: Guatemalan Lynching and the Erosion of the State's Monopoly of Violence. Etnofoor 23(2): 79-98.

2011. Dunbar's Number: Group Size and Brain Physiology in Humans Re-examined. American Anthropologist 113(4): 557-568. [with Jan De-Ruiter & Stephen Lyon]

2007. Lynchings and Post-War Complexities in Guatemala. In Global Vigilantes. Pratten, David. & Sen, Atreyee. London: Hurst & Company. 371-392. [with Jennifer Burrell]

2012 (forthcoming). The Ship of Theseus and the Problem of 'Post-War' Answers to Contemporary Guatemalan Problems. History and Anthropology [with Natalie Djohari]

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