About us


Staff and Students at MARA degree show 2015

The Centre for Research Architecture is organised around practice-led research that investigates the urgent political conditions of our time. Our goal is to provide practitioners from a wide range of backgrounds with tools for undertaking spatial research and critical analysis. Students pursue individual projects that generate written as well as practical insights. Dissertation projects incorporate fieldwork, critical reflections and discuss the theoretical implications and historical questions at stake within their work. 

Our PhD Programme is defined by a series of Roundtable seminars that brings in a new cohort of doctoral students every five years in order to study and work together as a unit. Roundtable Three began in 2015, this means that the admission of additional PhD students in following years will be limited. We are particularly interested in supervising dissertation projects that engage with ecological contexts and spatial media as they intersect with questions of law, rights and justice.

Please address any enquiries to Dr. Susan Schuppli

We are part of a dynamic group of students and staff based in the Department of Visual Cultures

Forensic Architecture, a multi-year European Research Council Project (2011-14 & 2015-20) is also based here in the heart of the Centre.