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PositionLecturer in Fine Art
Department Art
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Phone+44 (0)20 7717 2257
Paul Davis

Paul is an artist and lecturer, currently living in London, UK. Founded Beige Records in 1997 and the BEIGE Programming Ensemble [w/ Cory Arcangel, Joseph Beuckman, and Joseph Bonn] in 2000. Paul pioneered and developed the use of hacked Nintendo Entertainment System cartridges as an artistic medium and created BEIGE's first Nintendo artworks. His Nintendo work was premiered in 2000 and BEIGE members subsequently used hacked Nintendo systems to create a distinct body of work that has been exhibited internationally. Paul's solo and collaborative work has been shown at the Whitney Museum of Modern Art [NY], Deadtech [Chicago], Vilma Gold [London], Witte de With CENTRE [Rotterdam], Whitechapel Gallery [London], New Museum of Contemporary Art [NY], TEAM Gallery [NY], Lothringer 13 [Munich] and the SONAR Festival [Barcelona].

Currently Paul is a lecturer in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, University of London and a PhD candidate at Central St. Martins. He spends his free time producing beats for St. Louis rapper "Wonton".

B. 1977, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Artist, composer, co-founder of BEIGE record label/art collective
paul AT lektrolab DOT com

Academic qualifications

Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Oberlin, OH
B.Mus, Electronic & Computer Music/Harpsichord private study, 1996-2000
School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Graduate Study, Studio Art & Technology, 2000-2001
Central St. Martins, London, UK
PhD, Fine Art, 2006+ [current]

Lecturer, Goldsmiths College, University of London, Sep 2006 – Present
Lecture on the BA Fine Art course
Lecturer, Ravensbourne College of Design & Communication, March 2006 - Present
Lecture on the MA Interactive Digital Media course
Director, Lektrolab Ltd., Sep 2004 - Present
Organize and teach electronic music & art workshops. Clients include Tate Modern, V&A Museum, Channel 4/IdeasFactory, Barbican and Hayward Gallery
Lecturer & T.A., Thames Valley University, 2004 – Aug 2006
Lecture & TA on the BA Digital Arts course
Artist/Composer, BEIGE, 1998+
Concept, design, programming & construction of video and sound based works. Also run small record label and composed commercial music for Nike, Nike Apparel and Benihana

Presentations and exhibitions

2007 [forthcoming]Bruna Soletti, Milan, IT
2004 The Horse Hospital, London, Big Hand at the Dice Game
[w/ Paper Rad], UK,

2007 MOT, London, UK, Good Riddance
2006 Space 301, Mobile, AL, Art and Place
2006 Sonar Festival, Barcelona, ES, My Friends Electric
2006 Bentwaters Airbase, Suffolk, UK, Faster than Sound
2006 Vilma Gold, London UK, Take it to the Net
2006 Witte de With CENTRE, Rotterdam, NE, Satellite of Love
2004 Whitney Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY, The Whitney Biennial,
[Cory Arcangel collaboration]
2004 San Francisco MOMA, San Francisco, CA, DEFUNCT
2003 New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, NY, Killer Instinct
2003 TEAM Gallery, New York, NY, Throw Back
2003 Foxy Productions, Brooklyn, NY, Blinky
2002 Thomas Blackman, Chicago, IL, The Stray Show
2002 Bitforms Gallery, New York, NY, Prints and Chips
2001 Lothringer13, Munich, Germany, Make-World
2001 Fassbender Gallery, Chicago, IL, Interface: Exploring Possibilities

2005 Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA, 320x200:Da Show
2001 Deadtech Gallery, Chicago, IL, Post-Data in the Age of Low Potential Pt.2

BEIGE work has been shown at the Guggenheim [NY], 2004 Liverpool Biennale, Rotterdam Film Festival, 2004 Whitney Biennial, American Museum of the Moving Image, Royal Academy of Art [London], Migros Museum [Zurich] and the Institute of Contemporary Art [London].

2006 MIACA, Yokohama JP, Welcome to the Real World
2006 International Film Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam NL
2005 Whitechapel Gallery, London UK, Utopia
2003 TATE Britain, London UK, Blinky
2002 Anthology Film Archives, New York, NY, NY Underground Film Festival

2006 Merz Akademie, Stuttgart, DE, May
2006 La Casa Encendida, Madrid, ES, Basurama 06, May
2006 A4 Cultural Centre, Bratislava, SK, April
2006 British Film Institute, London, UK, Bits in Motions, March
2005 BBC7, London, UK, Big Toe, November
2005 Hayward Gallery, London, UK, Sonic Sessions, June/July
2005 The Tank, New York, NY, BENT 2005 Festival, May
2005 Lovebytes Festival, Sheffield, UK, Circuit Bending for Audio, March
2005 Barbican, London, UK, Sonic Threads, Feb
2004 Tate Modern, London, UK, Christian Marclay Sounds of Christmas, Dec
2004 Waygood Gallery, Newcastle, UK, Channel 4/IDEASFactory - Circuit Bending,
2004 Urbis Centre, Manchester, UK, Channel 4/IDEASFactory - Circuit Bending
2004 FACT, Liverpool, UK, Channel 4/IDEASFactory - Circuit Bending
2004 Vinyl Factory, London, UK, Channel 4/IDEASFactory - Nintendo Hacking
2004 Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK, Shhh...,
2004 Royal Festival Hall, London, UK, Ether Festival - Circuit-bending for Audio
2003 SUNY-Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, Languange & Encoding Symposium
2002 Harvestworks, New York, NY, Games
2002 Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL, Who's the Tool?
2001 Engine27, New York, NY, Post-Media Symposium
2000 Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Oberlin, OH, Senior Recital - Hacking the Nintendo Entertainment System, May

2005 Basurama Festival, Madrid, ES
2004 Hayward Gallery, London, UK, Hayward Night
2004 The Scala, London, UK, IDEASFactory: Sound Circuit
2004 Liverpool Bienniale, Liverpool, UK, BEIGE Performance
2003 Summer of HTML Tour [w/ Paper Rad, DJ Shoulders], Chicago/St.Louis/Kansas City/Milwaukee/Detroit
2003 Heaven Gallery, Chicago, IL, Illegal Art Festival
2003 Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL, Version>03 Sound
2003 Aldwych disued Tube Station, London, UK, Seed Records Rave
[w/ Aphex Twin, Luke Vibert]
2002 2002 Technics/DMC World DJ Championships, Chicago, IL
2002 The Knitting Factory [w/ Extreme Animals], New York, NY
2001 SoundLab, New York, NY, SOUNDLAB BATTEL
[w/ KAIJU Big Battel]



Intentional Computing
Davis, Paul . 2007. Intentional Computing. In: "Intentional Computing", Seventeen Gallery, 5/30/2007 - 6/23/2007. [Show/Exhibition]

Good Riddance
Davis, Paul . 2007. Good Riddance. In: "Good Riddance", MOT International, London, 2/3/2007 - 3/10/2007. [Show/Exhibition]

Satellite of Love
Davis, Paul and Davidson, E.. 2006. Satellite of Love. In: "Satellite of Love", Witte de With Centre, 1/26/2006 - 3/26/2006. [Show/Exhibition]

The 2004 Whitney Biennial
Davis, Paul and Arcangel, Cory. 2004. The 2004 Whitney Biennial. In: "The 2004 Whitney Biennial", Whitney Museum of Modern Art, 3/11/2004 - 5/30/2004. [Show/Exhibition]