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Dr Gilda Williams

Gilda Williams is interested in the collective process — among artists, curators, art writers, gallerists, academics, collectors, museums and more — which results in the production of discourse in art. She sees her role in this process as a critic, teacher, editor and researcher of contemporary art.

Williams has taught at Goldsmiths since 2008. She was Editor and Commissioning Editor (from 1997) for Contemporary Art at Phaidon Press 1994-2005, where she commissioned the ‘Contemporary Artists’ monographs, ‘Themes and Movements’ series of anthologies, and other books including Salon to Biennale: Exhibitions that Made Art History (2008). 

She is a London correspondent for Artforum, and has written for Art Monthly, The Guardian, Sight & Sound, Burlington, frieze and many more.

Recent publications

  • On and By Andy Warhol (MIT/Whitechapel), 2016.
  • ‘A Mouthful of Imagery’, Christian Marclay: Action, Aargauer Kunsthaus/Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2015.
  • How to Write About Contemporary Art (Thames and Hudson), 2014.
  • ‘It Was What it Was: Modern Ruins’, Art Monthly no. 336 (May 2010), reprinted in Brian Dillon, Ruins, ‘Documents of Contemporary Art’ (MIT/Whitechapel), 2011.
  • The Gothic, ‘Documents of Contemporary Art’ (MIT/Whitechapel), 2007.


Research Interests

  • Art writing and art criticism  
  • Andy Warhol - 21st-century artist
  • Contemporary gothic - narrativizing a troubled past through materialized forms: ruins, ghosts, and haunted places




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Symposium for ‘Dark Glamour: Gothic Fashion’
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Book Section

Towards a 21st Century Definition of Gothic Art
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Catherine Yass
Williams, Gilda. 2010. Catherine Yass. In: , ed. 100 Video Artists. Madrid: Exit Publicaciones, pp. 438-441. ISBN 978-84-937347-0-1


book review, 'Bad New Days: Art in a State of Emergency'
Williams, Gilda. 2015. book review, 'Bad New Days: Art in a State of Emergency'. Frieze,

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Exhibition Catalogue

Giorgio Sadotti: Live at Milton Keynes
Williams, Gilda. 2010. Giorgio Sadotti: Live at Milton Keynes.

Conference or Workshop Item

Making Monsters: Gothic Processes and Themes in Contemporary Art
Williams, Gilda. 2009. 'Making Monsters: Gothic Processes and Themes in Contemporary Art'. In: Lecture. University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom.

Defining Contemporary Gothic Art in the 21st Century
Williams, Gilda. 2009. 'Defining Contemporary Gothic Art in the 21st Century'. In: 9th Biennial International Gothic Association Conference. University of Lancaster, United Kingdom.

The Gothic
Williams, Gilda. 2008. 'The Gothic'. In: ‘The Gothic’, keynote speaker, curatorial programme. Leeds Metropolitan University, United Kingdom.

‘The Gothic’
Williams, Gilda. 2008. '‘The Gothic’'. In: The Gothic. Royal College of Art, London, United Kingdom.