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Art Gallery

A Gallery at Goldsmiths

Goldsmiths are currently undergoing an exciting and innovative project to create an Art Gallery on campus

A Gallery at Goldsmiths will give new use to a Grade-II listed, derelict Victorian-era water tank. The tank, which once provided water to the Laurie Grove Baths, will host an international programme of exhibitions, residencies and projects. It will be at the heart of a creative community devoted to cutting edge analysis and innovation in visual art.

This Gallery will act as a laboratory for the visual arts. Hosting resident artists in a university environment is a unique model for a gallery. It is hoped that the academic environment will stimulate inventive and original pieces, whilst simultaneously contributing to new research.

This is a gallery that will be open to members of the public throughout the week, and will throw open the gates of the campus to the local community and the world in a new and exciting way, with an aim to enlighten, inspire and educate.

Goldsmiths has played an important part in sustaining the dynamism of the London art world, as our successful alumni illustrate (seven Turner Prize winners and 24 nominess). A Gallery will solidify this position by bringing the art world onto the campus.

Cutting-edge young architecture collective Assemble selected as the winning designers of the Gallery

Turner Prize-winning artist Sir Antony Gormley and world-renowned architect Sir David Chipperfield were among the panel who chose Assemble out of a shortlist of six competitive designs for the new gallery which is due to open to the public in autumn 2016.

The design will expose the hidden character of the Laurie Grove bath tanks and create a unique opportunity to welcome the public to Goldsmiths, enabling them to experience both the tanks and existing building in new and exciting ways.


Architect's model of the winning design

Paloma Strelitz and Adam Willis, from Assemble, commented: "The Victorian bathhouse at Laurie Grove offers a series of extraordinary found spaces. The cast iron water tanks have a powerful materiality which will be preserved and amplified, whilst new top-lit galleries will provide a rich spatial counter-point in an ensemble offering unique opportunities for the display of art."

"We envisage the gallery becoming a new centre for the arts in South London, and are honoured to contribute to an institution that is further promoting its identity as an inspirational source of creativity for students, practitioners and the public."



YBAs donate work in support of new gallery at Goldsmiths. Read the full press release


Assemble are selected as the architecture competition winners. Read the full press release

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Architect's digital impression of the gallery entrance
Architect's digital impression of the gallery entrance
Accompanying image
Architect's digital impression of the gallery entrance

Sir Antony Gormley commented: "Goldsmiths remains one of the liveliest, most challenging and ambitious of Britain's universities – its art department is blessed by being part of a university campus with many allied disciplines, engaged in research that has direct relevance for the evolution of the visual culture of our time.

"The arrival of a gallery is an important moment in the development of Goldsmiths. This will become a resource for the university and for London: a place where students and the wider public can experience and test-drive new forms of art as well as see relevant examples of art from the past, ancient and modern."

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