Behind the Looking-Glass: 'Other'-cultures-within Translating Cultures
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Centre for Caribbean Studies

Behind the Looking-Glass: 'Other'-cultures-within translating cultures

An AHRC funded Research Network

This two year AHRC funded Research Network brings together leading academics from ten universities, and employs methods and perspectives from across the fields of literature, museum studies, linguistics, history, sociology and anthropology to examine the determinants and impact of the construction of cultural identity and the act of translation as collaboration and shared knowledge.

The group’s collective transnational scholarship highlights a rich seam of cultural translation in the ‘relative and related’ intersections of creolisation, Britishness and Global English of interest to scholars, teachers, creative artists, museum educators and education professionals.

Our proposal, premised on translation as collaboration and shared interdisciplinary knowledges, responds to the ‘Highlight Notice’ for ‘Translating Cultures’. It gathers researchers whose collective scholarship is grounded in transcultural discourse, and intersecting theoretical questions on the complexities of cultural translation. It aims at critically questioning meanings of cultural translation, by regarding first, texts marked by creolisation, a discourse originated through intercultural exchanges (Glissant, Brathwaite).


Final Conference: 20-22 September 2013
Perspectives from 'Other' Cultures Translating Cultures

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Conference Handbook

Call for Papers

Current Research Focus May 2013 click here for abstracts

Other Cultures Within: Beyond the Naming of Things, Webcast, 4 April 2012, John W Kluge Center, Library of Congress

We expect results in new interpretive platforms contributing to further understanding of postcolonial and diasporic art-forms, and potential impact upon creative and educational practices. Focusing on the relation between the ‘cultures within’ we will try to understand how texts may mediate cultural change.

The research is particularly relevant to English and Comparative Literatures, American Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Museum Studies, Linguistics, Translation Studies, History, Sociology and Anthropology.

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