Dr Sarah Kember


Media and Communications

Senior Lecturer

s.kember (


Research Interests

Sarah Kember’s research focuses on digital media, questions of mediation and feminist science and technology studies. She is currently investigating the possibilities of life after new media (studies), and has engaged in debates on artificial life and other aspects of the convergence between biology and computer science. She also works on imaging technologies and the relationship between photography and the digital and is developing an innovative approach to the question of remediation and the ‘fusion’ of science and literary fiction.


Recent Publications

Kember, Sarah. 2011. No humans allowed? The alien in/as feminist theory. Feminist Theory, 12(2), pp. 183-199.

Kember, Sarah. 2011. The Optical Effects of Lightning. London: Wild Wolf Publishing.

Kember, Sarah. 2010. Media, Mars and Metamorphosis. Culture Machine.

Kember, Sarah and Zylinska, Joanna. 2009. Creative Media: performance, invention, critique. In: Maria Chatzichristodoulou, Janis K. Jefferies and Rachel Zerihan, eds. Interfaces of Performance. England and USA: Ashgate, pp. 7-23.

Kember, Sarah. 2008. The Virtual Life of Photography. Photographies, 1(2), pp. 175-203.

Kember, Sarah. 2006. Doing Technoscience as ('new') Media. In: James P. Curran and David G. Morley, eds. Media and Cultural Theory. Routledge, pp. 235-249.

Fraser, Mariam, Kember, Sarah and Lury, Celia, eds. 2006. Inventive Life: Approaches to the New Vitalism. London: Sage.