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Collaborative provision involves the delivery of Goldsmiths’ programmes or modules in partnership with an approved external organisation.

These partnerships enable Goldsmiths to connect with a wider community of students through initiatives which enhance the diverse range of taught programmes and research degrees on offer on-campus in London and within national and international contexts.

At every level and across its full range of academic activities, collaboration is at the core of the delivery of Goldsmiths Mission. 

Collaborations with other academic, community and professional organisations throughout the UK and across the world, are central to the pursuit of our key strategic objectives. Collaborative provision is emerging as a significant aspect of this approach, the delivery of programmes leading to Goldsmiths awards with partner institutions, in the UK and overseas.

We are developing a select portfolio of Collaborative Provision projects, with partners whose mission, values and areas of specialism are consonant with our own. These may include validation, joint awards, the off-campus delivery of short courses, or articulation arrangements.  

We are interested in developing new collaborative provision partnerships with such institutions in the UK and internationally. These may involve large-scale projects with multiple degree programmes, as well as much smaller collaborations, perhaps even focused on a single programme.

The largest of our current projects is our relationship with LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore, which currently delivers 20 Goldsmiths-validated BA and MA programmes, with more in development. These span a wide range of specialisms, delivered by three Faculties: Design, Performing Arts and Fine Arts, Media and Creative Industries.

Examples of smaller projects, involving collaborations on individual programmes include the establishment of a study abroad arrangement for our BA (Hons) International Studies and Chinese programme in partnership with Capital Normal University Beijing and a pilot project in 2013-14 involving the off-campus delivery of a dual language learning short course at an international school in China.

We are currently developing projects with other partners in the UK and overseas, and are open to approaches from institutions seeking a range of collaborative provision arrangements, including the validation of their programmes. 

Goldsmiths current portfolio of Collaborative Provision arrangements is detailed in the Collaborative Provision Register (PDF download).

A complete overview of approvals, monitoring and review processes for Collaborative Provision arrangements is contained in the  Collaborative Provision Handbook (PDF download).

Contact us

If you are interested in discussing a possible Collaborative Provision arrangement with us, please contact one of the following:

Martin Conreen, Academic Director – Collaborative Provision

020 7919 7792, m.conreen (

Lucie Gibson, Head of Collaborative Provision

020 7919 7520, l.gibson (

Rebecca Pearson-Close,  Collaborative Provision Business Manager

020 7078 5441, r.pearson-close (

Ruth Walton, Deputy Head of Collaborative Provision

020 7717 2529, r.walton (

LASALLE-Goldsmiths Partnership Celebration