Simon Emberton

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Department Computing
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Simon Emberton

Simon Emberton is a digital artist and researcher who explores the creative potential of software and hardware.

Location: Room 11, 25 St. James, Goldsmiths

His current research enhances visual perception underwater. This is achieved through post-processing underwater imagery to alleviate poor contrast and the distortion in the perception of colour caused by the processes of scattering and absorption. Contributions of the research are novel algorithms that go beyond the state of the art in the domains of underwater dehazing and colour correction.

In the future he plans to continue developing software as well as create a wearable system that processes imagery in real time to enable novel interactive experiences.

Academic qualifications

  • BA Hons Fine Art: Painting, Glasgow School of Art, 2003
  • MA Communication Art & Design, Royal College of Art, 2008
  • PhD Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London, Thesis submitted 2016

Teaching at Goldsmiths

  • Designing Digital Interactions
  • Principles and Applications of Programming: C++

Professional projects

Simon has worked both individually and collaboratively with the likes of Scanner & United Visual Artists, the Paris-based D-Labs, Codasign, Special Projects and Susan Collins.

His work has been exhibited as reactive and interactive installations, digital artworks and innovative designs at places that include the Bath Music Festival, Oxford Christmas Light Festival, Forge Music & Arts Venue, La Gaite Lyrique, Science Museum, Design Museum and GV Art Gallery.