Staff Research Expertise

Stochastic diffusion processes, new agent-based approach to search and optimisation, cybernetic approaches to artificial intelligence, the philosophy of artificial intelligence.
Professor Mark Bishop BSc PhD

Artificial intelligence, algorithms inspired from natural systems, live algorithms in music performance, digital creativity, swarm intelligence, evolutionary computation, global optimisation.
Dr Tim Blackwell BSc MSc DPhil

Signal processing (audio/speech/music), machine learning/pattern recognition, generalised sound recognition, applications of MPEG-7, multimedia descriptions, real-time music performance systems, generative music systems, and music structure analysis.
Professor Michael Casey BA MA PhD

Modelling, program transformation, program slicing, programming language semantics, declarative languages, music notation processing, object-orientation, formal methods and Java.
Dr Sebastian Danicic BSc MSc PhD

Computer graphics, image display, visual perception, archaeological computing – visualisation and representation.
Dr Kate Devlin BA MSc PhD

The theory and application of intelligent agent systems – biological modelling, art and design. Current projects: modelling of stem cells, online electronic institutions for e-commerce, smart devices for energy conservation, interactive analysis of musical composition and performance .
Professor Mark d’Inverno MA MSc PhD

Interactive virtual characters for social virtual environment and games. Computer animation with a focus on motion capture and data driven animation. Expressive non-verbal communication for virtual characters.
Dr Marco Gillies MA PhD

Artificial intelligence, formal and computational semantics of natural language, natural language generation and theories of rational agency.
Dr Rodger Kibble BA MA MSc PhD

Artist, writer and curator with particular research interests in digital art and sound. Current research investigates the relationship between text, textiles and technology as well as access to cultural artifacts through haptic devices.
Professor Janis Jefferies BA MFA

A designer of computer games, a computer artist and entrepreneur. Expertise in evolutionary art, graphics, generative art, genetics, and the entertainment and video games industries.
Professor William Latham BA MA

Three-dimensional shape representation in computer vision and perception, computational geometry, architectural information systems, information visualisation and arts computing in general.
Professor Frédéric Fol Leymarie BEng MEng PhD

Evolutionary computation, genetic algorithms and genetic programming, neural networks, biocomputation, machine learning, applications to time-series prediction, financial engineering and data mining.
Dr Nikolai Nikolaev BSc MSc PhD

Adaptive and personalisable hypermedia, hypertext telecommunications systems and e-commerce, user interface design and web-based database systems.
Dr James Ohene-Djan BSc MSc PhD

Digital art and media, art-science collaboration, interdisciplinary research.
Professor Jane Prophet BA MA PhD

Efficient algorithms; randomised, sequential, parallel, probabilistic and average case algorithms; graph and complexity theory; energy efficient       ad hoc mobile networks; magnetic resonance brain imaging; algorithms for music analysis; data compression and security.
Dr Ida Pu BSc PhD

Statistical modelling and inference, music analysis and representation, user interfaces and language design and implementation.
Dr Christophe Rhodes MA PhD

A leading UK artist, employing innovative application of computer technology. See
Professor Andrew Shoben AHRB

Deductive databases, information integration, logic programming, multivalued logics, reasoning under uncertainty and data mining.
Dr Daniel Stamate MSc PhD

Artificial intelligence, knowledge-based systems, knowledge representations, ontologies, the semantic web, applications of artificial intelligence to design, tutoring and the cultural sector including museums and interactive TV.
Dr Marian Ursu DipIng PhD

Understanding creativity in machines and people. Artificial intelligence and cognition, intelligent sounds and music systems, cognitive aspects of music composition and performance, and systems for music education.
Professor Geraint Wiggins MA PhD

Artificial intelligence, theorem proving with applications to hardware and software design and verification, safety-critical systems, humanities computing, and digital multimedia with applications.
Professor Robert Zimmer MA MPhil PhD

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