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Listed below are details of requirements for which the University is currently seeking tenders, as well as those that have recently closed.


No current opportunities


Postg raduate management system

Tender Ref: GOLD0416

Goldsmiths University of London is currently undertaking a project to select, procure and implement a Post Graduate research management solution.  Goldsmiths is looking to implement a system which needs to be fully integrated with our current systems notably UNITe (student record system) and our financial system Agresso (Unit 4 business world).

The output from this project will be the implementation of a PGR management system. With the number of PhD students enrolled at Goldsmiths, and our commitment to improving their experience as well as ensuring we follow our Regulations and processes in supporting and dealing with PGR students, we have opted to purchase a PGR management system. This will also enable us to more effectively meet the recommendations made to us at our QAA Review in summer 2015.

Interested parties should log onto the College Procurement portal In-Tend to access the invitation to tender documentation. Completed tender returns must be uploaded onto In-Tend by 12noon on 2nd December 2016 to be considered for selection to provide the service.

George Wood Theatre Consultants

Tender Ref: GOLD0420

Goldsmiths University of London are seeking tenders for the following Consultancy Services for a refurbishment project with an estimated works value of £1.45m (ex vat)

Interested Consultants must submit bids for any services but must complete an application for each – marking each bid Lot 1 or Lot 2 etc. to facilitate evaluation of tenders. References may apply to a number of Lots but must be marked clearly Lot 1 and Lot 2 etc. if so.

There are seven lots-

Lot 1 Architectural Consultancy Services
Lot 2 Structural Engineering Consultancy Services
Lot 3 Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Consultancy Services
Lot 4 Principal Designer’s Services
Lot 5 Theatre Designer’s Consultancy Services
Lot 6 Cost Consultancy Services
Lot 7 Acoustic Consultancy Services

Goldsmiths College’s former chapel, now a Listed Grade II building, is adjacent and connected to the rear of Goldsmiths’ main Richard Hoggart Building, also Listed Grade II. The chapel suffered some bomb damage in World War II and subsequent demolition of a tower to the north-west corner. It was converted into the College theatre in the 1960s, named the George Wood Theatre, and is currently used as a teaching theatre by the College’s Theatre and Performance (TaP) Department.

The theatre has a proscenium with a thrust stage and semi-circular tiered seating. The thrust stage to the front of the stage originally raised and lowered but the mechanism has failed, so that the stage is now permanently up. The building is structurally sound, although the cruciform hipped roof structure indicates some signs of structural fatigue and the roof members have been poorly splice-repaired in the past.

The 1960s auditorium enclosure housed within the Victorian building does not provide an appropriate facility for the teaching of contemporary theatre. The stage size in relation to the auditorium does not correspond to any professional model. The interior overall is tired, in poor condition and the former chapel requires attention to its structure and fabric.

The internal environment is uncomfortable, with inadequate thermal insulation and inefficient heating and ventilation. Acoustics are poor. The large back-of-stage volume represents an inefficient use of space. There is a large and characterful but vacant roof space hidden above the theatre ceiling that is not easily accessible and cannot be used for health and safety reasons. Goldsmiths wish to restore the historic building and reconfigure its interior to better use the existing volumes, to provide an up-to-date theatre facility and additional studios, which would also be able to be used by other departments.

This procurement project will be conducted through the Intend e-tendering portal via a competitive tender process. Log onto the Goldsmiths Procurement portal In-Tend to participate in this project, access documents and receive instructions on the process. Tender Return Date: 12 noon on Monday 19th December 2016.