Counselling at Goldsmiths


The counselling service provides free time limited counselling to all students and staff members during their time at Goldsmiths University.

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St James Hall, Block 1A, SE14 6NL
Telephone: (020) 7919 7472

This location is fully accessible.

Opening Hours

Mon, Tues and Wed  10am - 12 & 2 - 4pm

Thurs 2 - 4pm and Fri 10 - 12 noon.

For urgent medical support

  • Your own GP
  • New Cross Medical Centre
    40 Goodwood Road, New Cross SE14 6BL   Tel: 020 3049 2249   On the day emergency appointments 8.45am or 1.55pm  Out of Hours SELDOC Tel: 020 8693 9066
  • GP-led Walk-In Centre New Cross
    Suite 3 Waldron Health Centre,
    Amersham Vale, New Cross SE14 6LD   Tel: 020 3049 2370  The service is open Monday – Sunday: 8am-8pm (including Bank Holidays) More information on                                                         
  • Or telephone NHS Direct ( on 111. The service offers health advice 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • In an emergency always telephone 999
  • Lewisham Hospital Accident & Emergency T: 020 8333 3042/3043 or local hospital A&E
  • Samaritans 08457 909090  :  New Cross Branch  020 8692 5228 : Email
  • Nightline  Emotional Support for Students in Distress  Open 6pm – 8am  Tel support : 0207 631 0101 Email Support  :
  • Supportline  Tel  01708 765200   Email :
  • Regional Information website: 

Our services

We provide free time limited counselling to all students and staff members during their time at Goldsmiths. The aim of our service is to help students and staff whose concerns may be impeding their personal and/or academic/work development.

Concerns may include relationship problems, procrastination, concentration, perfectionism, fear of public speaking, loneliness, depression, anxiety, sexuality and bereavement.

There is no list of acceptable issues to bring to counselling. People come to counselling for a wide variety of reasons at different stages of experiencing difficulties. Some clients are not even sure why they are coming, they just have a sense that they need to explore something.

Staff members and students are offered counselling in different parts of the building in attempt to preserve confidentiality regarding attendance.

More information on the student counselling service.

Autumn 2015 Activities

Bookings are now open! Up to 20 places available for each workshop. Use Counselling Service contact details above to sign up.

Our workshops


Lifeline/Drug & Alcohol Worker at the Counselling Service by appointment only. Use contact details above to sign up.


(Term Time only) Relaxation, Mindfulness & Visualisation Group, 5-6pm in the Multi -Faith Prayer Room RHB. No booking necessary. It’s very gentle, non-religious. Well worth it!


NHS/IAPT/CBT Practitioners available by appointment only. Use Counselling Service contact details above to sign up.


Support Group, 1-2pm in the Group Room at the Counselling Service.

Drop-in Service

Monday to Thursday at 3pm – two clients only, operates on a first come first served basis, no appointment necessary, at the Counselling Service. (Availability subject to change during holiday period).

Email support service

Email a question, query or concern and a counsellor will respond within 48 hours to

Counselling Service library

We have a range of material. Come in for more details.

Other resources

Self-help booklets

The list of  booklets below, created by our Counselling Service are available to download in PDF format:

How to make an appointment

Student and Staff application for counselling form


The counselling service is a confidential service. Counsellors do not communicate with tutors or other members of staff without your expressed consent. The only exception would be if the counsellor considered the client posed a serious danger to him/herself or others, in such cases your counsellor would usually inform you that they needed to breach the confidentiality contract.

The Counselling team

Head of Counselling:

Rachel-Rose Burrell-Murphy

Permanent Counsellors:

Maya Zvigi Cohen (Student counsellor and clinical supervisior)

Anne Glynn (Staff counsellor and clinical supervisior)

Helen Darling (Student counsellor and clinical supervisior)

Nicky Rawlence (Student counsellor and clinical supervisior)

Service Coordinator:

Elisabeth Roger

The service also has a team of sessional, associate and trainee counsellors.

Can I talk about anything that is troubling me or do the counsellors only deal with certain problems?

There is no list of acceptable issues to bring to Counselling. Sometimes clients are not even sure what is troubling or confusing them.

Will what I say be kept confidential? Will anything go on my medical records?

The sessions are entirely confidential within the service. The counsellors attend supervision where they discuss their work but this is also bound by confidentiality.

The counsellors do not communicate about clients with anyone in the university or outside the service (and this includes the client’s doctor) unless at the express wish of the client. The only exception to this would be if the counsellor considered the client to be a danger to him/herself or others.

Is seeking counselling evidence of weakness/indulgence/mental illness?

On the contrary, if you have worries, confusion or feelings of distress which are preventing you from enjoying your time at university, or perhaps achieving your potential, seeking counselling is a very sensible and sane step to take. It can actually also be a courageous step to take as it means confronting rather than avoiding difficult issues.

How long does counselling last and how long are the sessions?

The counsellors normally offer up to four sessions of individual counselling. Each session lasts 50 minutes.

How long will I have to wait for a counselling appointment?

This very much depends on the time of year you approach the service. If you ask for an appointment between June and November you will normally be offered an initial assessment appointment within 2-3 weeks and will receive on-going counselling within 3-4 weeks.

Our busiest period is between December and April. During this period you are likely to have to wait 4-6 weeks for an assessment appointment and then 6-8 weeks for on-going counselling. This is just a rough estimate of waiting times as a number of factors can influence our ability to meet client demand.

Does the service offer evening or weekend appointments?

The last appointment is from 5-5:50pm. The service is closed at the weekend.

Is the service free?

Yes, the service is free.