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Inequality, Poverty, Education: A Political Economy of School Exclusion

Francesca Ashurst and Couze Venn

Published February 2014 

This book develops a political economy and a genealogy of school exclusion in order to reveal exclusion to be a symptom of more fundamental issues relating to poverty and inequality, reflected in the role of the state in managing their consequences, particularly regarding juvenile delinquency.

It uses archival and documentary evidence to uncover the roots of exclusionary practices in political and economic struggles going back to the 19th century.

These conflicts have had decisive effects on key shifts in social and educational policy from the Poor Law Reforms of 1834 to the emergence of the welfare state and the current neoliberal reconstitution of society according to the model of the market.

In arguing that competing views of an equitable and just society underlie exclusion, the analysis opens up a space for envisaging radical new approaches and practices for dealing with children in trouble.

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Contagious Architecture: Computation, Aesthetics and Space

Luciana Parisi

Published March 2013

In Contagious Architecture, Luciana Parisi offers a philosophical inquiry into the status of the algorithm in architectural and interaction design. Her thesis is that algorithmic computation is not simply an abstract mathematical tool but constitutes a mode of thought in its own right, in that its operation extends into forms of abstraction that lie beyond direct human cognition and control. These include modes of infinity, contingency, and indeterminacy, as well as incomputable quantities underlying the iterative process of algorithmic processing.

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Evil Media

Matthew Fuller and Andrew Goffey

Published August 2012 

Evil Media develops a philosophy of media power that extends the concept of media beyond its tried and trusted use in the games of meaning, symbolism, and truth. It addresses the gray zones in which media exist as corporate work systems, algorithms and data structures, twenty-first century self-improvement manuals, and pharmaceutical techniques. Evil Media invites the reader to explore and understand the abstract infrastructure of the present day. From search engines to flirting strategies, from the value of institutional stupidity to the malicious minutiae of databases, this book shows how the devil is in the details.

The title takes the imperative “Don’t be evil” and asks, what would be done any differently in contemporary computational and networked media were that maxim reversed.

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China Constructing Capitalism: Economic Life and Urban Change

Michael Keith, Scott Lash, Jakob Arnoldi, Tyler Rooker

Published August 2013 

This book analyses China as a 'risk culture', examining among others Chinese firms and political ties, property development, 

migrant urbanisms and share trading rooms. It scrutinises the ever-present shadow of the risk-averse (yet uncertainty-creating) state. China Constructing Capitalism is described as a must-read for social scientists, policy makers and investors.

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