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Centre for Cultural Studies

Matthew Fuller

Position held:
Professor, Head of Centre for Cultural Studies

+44 (0)20 7919 7061

m.fuller (@gold.ac.uk)


I teach the Software Studies module for MA Interactive Media and on the option, Media Philosophy.

Areas of supervision

I supervise PhD researchers in: new media; art; software studies; cultural ecology; design; cultural theory; and related areas. Proposals are welcome from those planning diverse forms of research.

Presentations and exhibitions

artists collective

Media Shed Southend-on-Sea, UK
Free Media Space

The Container Palmers Cross, Jamaica
Free Media Space

I/O/D 1994-1997
Speculative software group

Software Art Repository

‘Convergence, the journal of new media’

Computational Culture


Selected publications

Edited Books

Flyposter Frenzy - posters from the anticopyright network, Working Press 1992, editor

Unnatural, techno-theory for a contaminated culture, Underground, London, 1994, editor

README! ascii culture and the revenge of knowledge, Autonomedia, NYC, 1999 - co-editor

Software Studies, a lexicon, MIT Press, 2008 -editor


Authored Books

 ATM, ShaKe Editions, London and Milan, 2000

 Behind the Blip: essays on the culture of software, Autonomedia, New York, 2003

 Media Ecologies, materialist energies in art and technoculture, The MIT Press, Cambridge / London, 2005

 Elephant & Castle, Autonomedia, New York, 2012

 Evil Media, The MIT Press, co-authored with Andrew Goffey, 2012



Softness: interrogability; general intellect; art methodologies in software, Digital Research Unit, Huddersfield, 2007

Urban Versioning System v1.0, with Usman Haque, Architectural League of New York, 2008


Selected Articles, from 2007 - 2012


‘The Expressiveness of Insubordination”, catalogue essay for touring show of irational.org, HartWare medienKunst Verein Dortmund, 2006, CCA Glasgow 2007, etc.

‘The Map and the Archive’, Dissonancias, Bilbao, catalogue essay, 2007

Danish Translation of ‘Impossibility of Interface’ in Passepartout, skrifter for kunsthistorie, issue 27 14 Argang, 2007, pp.80-99

‘The Computation of Space’ with Dragana Antic, in, Witte Raaf, 2007 Vlaams / English;  'JunkJet, fanzine for electronics and aesthetics' Stuttgart. http://junkjet.net/ ; in, Søren Pold, ed.,  'Interface Aesthetics', Aarhus Universty Press, Aarhus, 2011

Crime and the Culture Industry, Modern Weekly, Beijing, April, 2008

'Acts of Letting and Creation', in Rana Dasgupta ed. 'The Remains of Now', Manifesta / Silvana Editore,  2008

Urban Versioning System v1.0 super-mini-special in: Node-London Reader 2008, OpenMute, London 2008 and in 'Urban Play' Scott Burnham, ed., Droog Design, Amsterdam, 2008; FREE Publication, Inaba Studio, New York, 2012

Art Methodologies, in, Simon O’Sullivan and Stephen Zepke, ed., The Production of the New, Deleuze and Art, Continnum, London, 2008

‘Art for Animals’, in Bernd Herzogengorath, 'Deleuze/Guattari & Ecology', Palgrave, London, 2008, reprinted in 'The Animal Gaze' catalogue, touring exhibition 2009, University of Plymouth; reprinted in, The Journal of Visual Arts Practice, Intellect, 2010, vol.9 no.1,  pp17-33 and in Blow-Up, Michaelle Kasprak ed., V2_editions, Rotterdam 2011

Netvaerkkunstnere, interview with Mark Tribe, text originally from Art for Networks site, reprinted in Danish in Jacob Lillemose and Nikolaj Recke, eds., vi elsker din computer, Royal Academy of Arts, Copenhagen, 2009

 ‘Towards an Evil Media Studies’  with Andrew Goffey, in, The Spam Book:  On Viruses, Spam, and Other Anomalous Objects of Digital Culture, Editors: Jussi Parikka & Tony Sampson, Hampton Press, NJ, 2008

‘Think Twice’, catalogue essay, ed. Josep Perrella, Actar, Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona, 2009

Foreword to Wendy Chun, Programmed Visions, The MIT Press, 2010

 ‘Faulty Theory’, Fibreculture Journal, no.12

‘Boxes to Bananas’, in Mark Shepard, ed, Sentient City, MIT Press, 2010

‘Thinking in the Middle of Things’, in Anne Nigten ed., The Patching Zone, Netherlands Architecture Institute / V2, Rotterdam 2010-09-09

‘The Cat Seemed to Think There Was Enough of It Now in Sight’ in, Knowbotic Research, Editions Jardins des Pilotes, Berlin, 2010.  Also reprinted in Yana Milev, Design Anthropology, Outline of an Expanded Concept of Design in the Field of the Empirical Cultural Sciences, Merve Verlag, Berlin, 2012

With Andrew Goffey, ‘On the Usefulness of Anxiety, two Evil Media Stratagems’, in Sarai Reader: fear, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi, 2010

Martin Feuz, Matthew Fuller, Felix Stalder, “Personal Web searching in the age of semantic capitalism: Diagnosing the mechanisms of personalisation” in First Monday, Volume 16, Number 2 - 7 February 2011 (http://firstmonday.org/htbin/cgiwrap/bin/ojs/index.php/fm/article/view/3344/2766)

‘Office Work’, section from Elephant & Castle, in Datacide 11, Berlin 2011 pp48-51

‘Beat Blasted Planet, an interview with Steve Goodman’ in Datacide 11, Berlin 2011,  pp58-59

‘Transitive Times’, in, Translife, international triennial of new media art, ed, Fan Di’An & Zhang Ga, National Mueum of Art, Beijing, 2011

‘Questions to Ask a City’, in, Cybermoholla, Sternberg Press, New York , 2011

‘Feral Design’  (co-author Sonia Matos) , Fibreculture Journal, no.13

Foreword to Ulrik Ekman, ed., ‘Throughout, art and culture emerging with ubiquitous computing’, The MIT Press, 2013

Compost Your Orgasm Trash, interview with Shu Lea Cheang, 29th Feb 2012, Mute, http://www.metamute.org/editorial/articles/compost-your-orgasm-trash

‘Phrase’, with Olga Goriunova, in Nina Wakeford and Celia Lury, The Happening of the Social, CRESC/Routledge, London, 2012

With Graham Harwood and Yvonne Volkhart, ‘Another Mode of Relation to Non-Human Species’, Subverting Disambiguities, Shedhalle / Verlag fur Moderne Kunst, Zurich, 2012 (German & English)

The Garden of Earthly Delights, review of The Crystal World, by Howse, Kemp and Jordan, Mute, September 2012

With Andrew Goffey, ‘Advisable Techniques for Superhubs’, Theory, Culture and Society, Topology Special Issue., 2012

With Andrew Goffey, ‘The Unknown Objects of Object Orientation’, Handbook of Objects Studies, Routledge, 2013

With Olga Goriunova, “Worse Luck”, in Rosi Braidotti & Patricia Pisters, ed., Revisiting Normativity with Deleuze, Continuum, New York, 2012

With Andrew Goffey, The Obscure Objects of Object Orientation, Zeitschrift fur Medienwissenschaft

'Several Repetitions on the Nature of the Copy', Concreta Journal, Valencia, 2012

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