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PositionConvenor, MA Culture Industry
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Dr Marina Vishmidt

Marina Vishmidt joined the Centre for Culture Studies in 2016.  Her work is mainly concerned with the relationship between art, value and labour, with an emphasis on the speculative relations that link processes of financialisation and subjectivation.  She has developed a distinctive profile within and between the spheres of the academy, artistic spaces and activism, where she works as a writer, editor and cultural organiser. She also has a specialism in artists moving image from a critical and curatorial perspective.


Dr Vishmidt convenes and lectures on the MA in Culture Industry.  Dr Vishmidt has additionally taught and supervised dissertations at BA and MA level at the University of Brighton, Middlesex University and the Dutch Art Institute/ARTez.

Areas of Supervision

Dr Vishmidt supervises PhD students in art and financialisation, critical theory, creative economy, organisation studies, political and philosophical aesthetics and feminism.  She is also an external supervisor for a practice-based PhD on general intellect, institutional critique and performative negation at the Ruskin School of Art.



Research Interests

Her monograph, to be published with Brill in 2017, deals with the 'speculative' as a mode of production, departing from the critique of political economy and critical aesthetics to craft an innovative hypothesis about the relationship between the devaluation of labour and the imperative to (self-) valorise.  As well as the ideological magnetism of finance, this pressure finds a genealogy in the division of labour between creation and maintenance, exchange and use: a conflictual division that marks the proximity of extraction and valorisation in the aesthetic subject.  Vishmidt also has a long-term interest in negation, abstraction and ambivalence as epistemological, ontological and political currents in art and in social movements, particularly in histories of feminism/s.

Professional Projects

Alongside her research and teaching work, Marina has been involved as an editor on a number of publications, including Look at Hazards Look at Losses, co-edited with KUDA and Anthony Iles (Berlin: Mute Publishing, 2017), Anguish Language, co-edited with John Cunningham, Anthony Iles and Mira Mattar (Berlin and Milan: Archive Books, 2015), WINTER: Poetics and Politics, (Milan and Oslo: Oslo Academy of Art and Mousse Publishing, 2013) and Uncorporate Identity, co-edited with Metahaven (Zürich: Lars Müller, 2010).  She is on the editorial board of the book series New Perspectives on the Critical Theory of Society (Bloomsbury Academic)





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Edited Book

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