Design research culture


The research in the Department of Design at Goldsmiths is esteemed internationally.

A group of individuals sitting around a table.

Researchers in the Design department have achieved the following:

  • been awarded over £4.6 million in research grants
  • held 13 visiting professor/scholar positions
  • written 11 books, 16 research reports, 35 chapters in books and 39 refereed journal papers
  • made 60 peer-reviewed conference presentations
  • given 24 international keynote lectures
  • held 57 exhibitions
  • featured in 20 television programmes, 10 as expert interviewees
  • had work featured or reviewed in over 100 publications
  • conducted 71 commercial consultancies
  • undertaken over 30 research reviews on behalf of Research Councils
  • been on 20 editorial boards for journals/conferences, 4 as editor or guest editor
  • been awarded 6 patents (with others pending)

There is a varied research community in the Department, with many staff engaged in their own design practices - a good number running their own consultancies/studios. The work produced has been regularly exhibited in both the UK and beyond, with a considerable number of designs in production.

Much of the research is generated and undertaken in research grouping in the Department. These include the Technology Education Research Unit (TERU), Attainable Utopias, Interaction Research StudioPi Studio and DWFE.

Both individuals and groups in the Department are often called on regularly to examine and advise in other academic institutions and to make use of their expertise in design and educational matters for commercial companies and political bodies.

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