Disabled Students Allowance


What is an Assessment of Needs?

Once you have applied for Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) you will receive a letter asking you to book an Assessment of Needs in order for you to discuss the support required for your study.

Assessments of Need are informal meetings and nothing to be concerned about – they are not medical assessments and there are no tests involved whatsoever.

An assessment typically lasts from 1 ½ - 2 hours. You will have a discussion with a Needs Assessor about the effects of your disability on your studies.

The Needs Assessor will suggest strategies/support/equipment to help overcome the impact of disability on your study. You may have the opportunity to experiment with different kinds of assistive technology, ranging from ergonomic supports to specialist software.

After the assessment, your Assessor will produce a DSA Needs Assessment Report outlining your needs and recommended strategies. Depending on the nature of your disability, these may include recommendations for equipment, human support, and travel assistance.

A copy of this report will go to you and your funding body at the same time, unless you have asked to see a draft copy first. If you wish, Assessors will send a copy to Learning Support. Once we receive this report we will contact you to arrange an appointment where we can discuss your report and start arranging your support.

How to book an appointment for an Assessment of Needs

Students can visit any Assessment centre, and you can find the most convenient assessment centre online by entering your post code on the web site below.

Goldsmiths students only can arrange an Assessment of Needs on campus in the library. This is undertaken by a Needs Assessor from Central London Assessment Services (CLASS). You should contact CLASS assessment centre and ask for your assessment to be at Goldsmiths College. This will then be arranged for you. Read the Central London Assessment Services website for more information on how to book an assessment. You can also contact Learning support via the Student Centre who can help you to book an assessment of needs.