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Dr Yangguang Chen, a visiting Professor of Education from China, works in the field of comparative education with particular foci on educational policies, curriculum development and citizenship education. Her publications, which have appeared in both English and Chinese, include articles, monographs and books. These have been very well received in the educational community in China and the UK. In 2000 she extended her research into the field of bilingualism in education with the completion of her PhD at Goldsmiths on the issue of equalities of opportunities, particularly in relation to the educational policy for social inclusion and ethnic minority achievement.

Selected publications

Chen, Y. & Gregory, E. (2004) ‘How do I read these words?’: bilingual exchange teaching between Cantonese-speaking  peers Gregory, E.  (ed) (2004) Many Pathways to Literacy: Young children earning with siblings, peers, grandparents and  communities.  London: Routledge Falmer

Chen, Y. (2007) Contributing to Success: Chinese parents and the community school Conteh, J., Martin, P. & Robertson, L.H.(eds) Multilingual Learning Stories in Schools  and Communities in Britain. Trentham Books.  ISBN -13: 1-85856-341-1

Chen, Y. (2007). Equality and Inequality of Opportunity in Education: Chinese Emergent Bilingual Children in the Mainstream Class, Language  Culture and Curriculum in No. 20(1) ISSN 0790-8318

Chen.Y. & Barradas, O. (2008) How Portugese and Chinese community schools in London support educational achievement, forthcoming in Kenner, C. and Hickey, T. (eds) Multilingual Europe: Diversity and Learning. Stoke-on-Trent: Trentham Books

Chen, Y. (2009) Language Support for Emergent Bilinguals in English Mainstream Schools: An  Observational Study, Language Culture and Curriculum 22 Issue No.1

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