E-mail distribution lists

There are several e-mail distribution lists you can use to ensure your messages reach the right people:

To targetUse this list -
All academic departments and centres academicdept-l
All Professional Service departments supportdept-l
Academic Departmental Administrators academicdeptadmin-l
Professional Services Departmental Administrators supportdeptadmin-l
Academic Heads of Department hodacademic-l
Professional Services Heads of Department hodsupport-l

General principles for using the lists are outlined below. 

  • Please take note not to unintentionally 'reply all'. Make sure that you check the recipient list before hitting 'send'
  • Acknowledge the difference between academic and support departments. Be careful when sending to both lists. For example it is unlikely that all support departments need to be informed about academic research opportunities
  • Target your message. Only address your message to Heads of Department or Administrators if it is are specifically relevant to them
  • Do not use the lists to publicise events or request participants for studies. Instead, please use online events calendar to post events. If you would like additional publicity, please contact

The e-mail distribution lists are maintained by Internal Communications. If you have questions or queries, please get in touch with us, or telephone 020 7919 7976.

Content last modified: 01 Dec 2014

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