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Winter 2012

We do not have any Max courses scheduled at this time.

If you would like to be added to our Max Course emailing list, and receive advance notice of forthcoming courses, please send an email using the Contact page (please include 'Max Course email list' in the subject field).

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Since summer 2001 our Max courses have attracted many hundreds of participants from across the UK, Europe, North & South America, the Far East and Australia, including students, educators, mainstream musicians, composers, sound artists, and performers who utilise live electronics.


"Did I enjoy the course? Wholeheartedly! In particular I'm very appreciative of a style of delivery that is intuitive and enabled me to acquire confidence in MaxMSP and also the means to work with it and troubleshoot where necessary. This is all a consequence of a very generous teaching/learning environment that allowed me to work at my own pace... I came away inspired by what is possible... very many thanks indeed".
Introductory course feedback, July 2003.


What is Max?

What is Max?

"An interactive graphical programming environment for music, audio, and media. For over two decades, people have been using Max/MSP/Jitter to make their computers do things that reflect their individual ideas and dreams. Compatible with Mac and Windows, Max/MSP/Jitter provides true cross-platform authoring and a free runtime version." - text from Cycling 74's website

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