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Enterprise supports a wide range of collaborations between academic staff and external partners to share, expand and enrich knowledge beyond the boundaries of academia.

The Enterprise Office offers support and guidance on consultancy, contract research, collaborative research funding and IP management.

Our academic staff have proven experience delivering collaborative research projects. A third of Goldsmiths’ research projects are collaborative, and we work with partners of all kinds: start-ups to global brands; local social enterprises to major charities; independent galleries to national museums.

For academic staff, collaboration brings new insight and perspective on research questions. For partners, working with Goldsmiths offers access to new knowledge, innovative thinking and flexible ways of working together.

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If you have any feedback or suggestions on the services we provide, we would be grateful if you would take some time to fill in our feedback form. Once completed, please send it to emmy.gregory@gold.ac.uk

Working with Goldsmiths

If your organisation needs new skills, expertise or a fresh perspective to move to a new level, the Enterprise Office has a number of collaboration programmes that can help you. Our researchers specialise in crossing boundaries and approaching challenges from new perspectives to help your organisation stay ahead of the curve. To learn more, click here.

Enterprise Fund

The Enterprise Fund is a new scheme available to Goldsmiths academic staff. The Fund supports them in developing partnerships that make a difference outside of academia. To learn about the fund and to apply, click here.

Consultancy and Contract Research

Whether applying existing knowledge or conducting new research, we offer guidance and support to research collaborations between academic staff and partners. To learn how to offer consultancy or contract research, or how to work with one of our researchers, click here.

External Funding

The Enterprise Office leads on funding applications for knowledge exchange projects and works with the Research Office to support funding applications for collaborative research. For more information and to learn about the wide variety of funding sources, click here.

Short Courses and CPD Pilot

The Enterprise Office is currently leading on a pilot of new short courses and CPD. Some of our leading researchers will bring cutting-edge insights to businesses, non-profits and individuals to enrich their practice and help build and sustain communities of practice. To learn more about the new courses being run this year, click here.

Company Formation Guidance

For many academics interested in working with partners, forming a company can seem like an appealing option. But forming a company can be complex and may not always be necessary. The Enterprise Office has compiled step-by-step guidance on whether to form a company - and if you do, how to get it on its feet. Click here for more (login required).

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