Remembering the Battle of Lewisham 40 years on

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A series of free events to mark the 40th anniversary of the Battle of Lewisham featuring live music, talks, exhibitions, screenings, history walks and more!

On 13 August 1977, the far-right National Front (NF) attempted to march from New Cross to Lewisham town centre, leading to violent clashes with counter demonstrators and the police.

The Battle of Lewisham, as it became known, marked the first time a national NF march was prevented from reaching its destination, and also saw the first deployment of riot shields by Metropolitan Police in England.

In partnership with Lewisham Council and Love Music Hate Racism, Goldsmiths will be marking the 40th Anniversary of the events that unfolded on the streets of New Cross and Lewisham.

Join us on the weekend of 12-13 August 2017 to commemorate one of the most important events in the history of Lewisham and for race relations in the UK.


Supported by the Goldsmiths Annual Fund.

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