What was the "Battle of Lewisham"?


Under the pretext of marching ‘against muggers’ the far-right National Front (NF) party organized a national march bringing together its members from across the country.

A section of the local community opposed the march, with thousands of peaceful demonstrators brought together by Lewisham Council and the Bishop of Southwark holding a counter-march from Ladywell Fields to New Cross.

A second group, including local youth, elements of the radical left and progressive groups opposed to the NF, sought to directly intervene and disrupt the march.

After a series of running battles on the streets of Lewisham, the NF abandoned their route and were ushered away by police.

Many local people were drawn into the counter-protest and ensuing civil disturbances, as the police felt the full force of local people’s anger.

Below are three podcasts on the Battle of Lewisham we commissioned from students on our MA in Radio.