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TAS Time Allocation Survey 2012/13

TAS Time Allocation Survey 2012/13


Research Council (AHRC, ESRC etc.) research grants must be calculated on Full Economic Cost (fEC) basis.  To apply the fEC approach in grant applications, all Education Institutions must participate in the 'Transparent Approach to Costing', (TRAC), exercise.  This requires institutions to allocate their costs across TRAC categories of Teaching (T), Research (R) and Other (O) income generating activities.

The TRAC exercise, requires that Universities record staff time into the three categories, Teaching, Research and Other, in order to attribute salary costs to these activities.

The TRAC methodology is being used more widely at a national level as it is now to be used to help inform the methodology for the funding of teaching.  It is also being put to greater use at a local level now that the college can produce TRAC reports on a departmental basis.

In order to continue to benefit from Full Economic Costing, we will need to collect this information through the Time Allocation Survey (TAS). We would appreciate your support in this exercise.

On this page there are links to some supporting documentation which will help you to complete your returns.  However, because the survey is now being conducted via a web form, this page does not contain a copy of the actual form itself.  You will receive an email containing a link to the survey page when you are required to complete a return.


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