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Peer Assisted Learning at Goldsmiths

Facilitated by students for students

Join the PAL team.

Earn and Learn- Join the Pal team.

We are now recruiting for the next academic year...

 See below for more details, or go straight to the application form on our VLE page

The PAL team at Goldsmiths aims to provide an extra level of support to all new students. We are students like you, who can call on our own recent experience to help you get the best out of your first year.

We work within each department to run workshops, social events, academic visits, drop ins and one-to-ones.

We can help with any aspect of university life that you feel puzzled or unsure about.


A few of your PAL representatives!

You can contact some of us through the address,  ask questions and find out where to get help concerning your studies and life in London.

Charmaine McGusty Khouemeri


Timea Elias
English and comparative literature
Jaroslaw Oleszcynski
Dawn Firth-Godbehere
Media and communications
Jessica Walters
Grace Howard

 We can probably help you ourselves to solve problems and work out solutions that are right for you. But if not, then we can also signpost you to the wide range of professional support which Goldsmiths provides – from financial advice to writing effective essays.


Studying in England, or in English for the first time?

Many members of the PAL team share your experiences of studying in a new country and a different culture. We will be happy to talk about getting to grips with academic writing, socialising, finding your way around London, and how to handle Goldsmiths academic staff. Local London students are also a great resource. From exploring the shore of the river Thames with a team of archaeologists, to exploring the clubs of Soho with avid dancers, students who know the capital are keen to share that knowledge with you.

Assignments and Assessments

Goldsmiths wants you to develop as independent scholars; PALs can give you the confidence to explore the tools for independence. You can try out your ideas and ask questions in a completely supportive non-judgmental atmosphere before you have to commit yourself to assessed work. Get the best tips about essay writing, presentations and research reports from students who understand what you want to know.

PAL provides a friendly, non threatening environment, focussed on you and your needs. Everyone in the group can contribute and learn from one another. We encourage purposeful debate and inquiry, rather than providing easy answers, and help you to see the relationship between the ‘stepping stones’ of learning and the bigger picture.


Earn and Learn – Join the PAL team.

We are now recruiting a new PAL team for the next academic year and can offer:

  • Two days of excellent training in running workshops on all aspects of academic disciplines and helping with pastoral issues.
  • The opportunity to improve your own study skills and confidence as you help others.
  • A bursary of £250.
  • A really valuable addition to your CV.
  • A way of feeling awesome about yourself (helping others is a top happiness creator).

We would ask in return that you commit approximately twenty hours to your PAL team, spread over the autumn and spring terms of next year.

To find out more about applying go the PAL page of the VLE (, fill in the application form and click the submit button – you will be asked to attend a short interview and then, we hope, be signed up as a PAL. For information that is not on the website, contact Sarah Lambert at

Upcoming Events

More events coming soon, please check back regularly.

Two new PAL initiatives

Grown ups at Goldsmiths


Starting university a bit or a lot later than the average student? Our 'Grown up at Goldsmiths' support group meets occasionally throughout the year to chat and exchange ideas and support. Watch out for news on the events link, or email us on to be put on the 'grown ups' mailing list.

Peer Assisted Learning In The Graduate School

PhD research and writing can be a lonely and isolating exprience, but our postgraduate PALs can provide support on all aspects of postgraduate study, from getting the best from your supervisor to surviving upgrades, understanding the specific requirements of the  departments, and coping with gerneral challenges of the PhD. Postgraduate PALs run workshops on various subjects and organise get-togethers so as to meet other PhD students. No-one understands what it is to do a PhD except the people who are already doing it!

Content last modified: 20 Nov 2014