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Please contact the Appeals & Complaints Team for information about academic appeals (including appeals against the outcome of assessment misconduct hearings), student complaints, student conduct, fitness to practice, mediation, unsatisfactory academic progress (including attendance) and Academic Progress Committee.

Student Appeals

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Students have the right to request a review of a decision made by an Exam Board, or of Academic Progress Committee, which concerns their progression, assessment or award. If a student believes their assessment(s) to have been compromised by extenuating circumstances which they were unable to communicate to the examiners at the appropriate time, by administrative or procedural error, or by prejudice or bias on the part of the examiners, they may submit an appeal against assessment. Students must have recieved their Transcript of Results or Outcome Letter (PGR) before they can appeal. Further information on Student Appeals.

Student Complaints

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Though every effort is made to ensure that all students have a positive experience during their time at the College, it is recognised that sometimes students may be dissatisfied with an aspect of their experience here. Should a student wish to, they may submit a complaint. Complaints may be academic or non-academic in nature. A complaint might, for example, relate to problems with module delivery or accommodation. Personal complaints are also handled under this procedure. Further information on student complaints and the complaints process. Further information on student complaints and the complaints process.

Student Conduct

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Goldsmiths expects a certain standard of behaviour from its students. Those students who prejudice the good order and discipline of the College, or by their conduct bring the College into disrepute, may have formal misconduct proceedings initiated against them. Misconduct offences may be academic or non-academic. More information here.

Fitness to Practice

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A student’s conduct may also call into question their fitness to practice, where the student is enrolled on a programme of study which leads to an entitlement to practise as a member of a profession. A student who has an allegation regarding their fitness to practice brought against them by their department will be summoned to appear before a Fitness to Practice Committee.


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Mediation is a method of conflict resolution which attempts to resolve a dispute between two parties by introducing an impartial ‘mediator’ to assist them in negotiating a settlement. The role of a mediator is to assist the parties in understanding each-other’s needs and facilitating communication, whilst also introducing new perspectives on the issue in dispute. A student can at any point request mediation from the Mediation Coordinator through the Appeals and Complaints Department.

Attendance & Academic Progress Committee

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Students who continually exhibit poor attendance are referred by their departments to Academic Progress Committee [APC] with a recommendation for dismissal. APC is a committee of Academic Board, and though it is distinct from the Appeals & Complaints Department its administration is run out of our office. Students dismissed by APC may submit a request for review to the Appeals & Complaints Department within three weeks of being notified of the Committee's decision.


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