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Goldsmiths graduates are innovators, shaping the future in their chosen field of work or industry.

On leaving Goldsmiths our students have gone on to work for companies including Sony, Tate, Channel 4, Harper Collins, Unicef, Saatchi and Saatchi and Merrill Lynch.

Beyond traditional career paths, graduates have become entrepreneurs, launched their own companies, and often Goldsmiths graduates are freelancers at the forefront of their subject. 

Goldsmiths graduates are Turner Prize-winning artists, Mercury Music Prize-nominated musicians, and have become published authors. No other university has had such an impact on popular culture – read the stories of some of our stellar alumni and staff.

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Goldsmiths graduates discuss their experiences


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Stephanie studied BSc Psychology and now works as a researcher at King's College Hospital


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Shah, Peer Education Coordinator in the Youth & Connexions Services, BA Applied Social Science, Community Development & Youth Work graduate


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Michael and Lars studied MSc Computer Games & Entertainment and now work at Sony


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Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, comedy writer and playwright, Drama and Theatre Arts graduate.

Terry Felgate, music industry exec who's worked with names like Blur and Radiohead

BA Sociology, graduated 1987

Terry credits his time spent as Students’ Union Social Secretary as setting him up for a successful career in the music industry, where he’s worked as Marketing Director of Parlophone, Managing Director of EMI records, and a consultant for BMG Artist Services.

"Last year marked 30 years since I began my degree at Goldsmiths, and of friendships that remain to this day. I was lucky enough to have identified and been introduced to a career within the music industry through my time working as the Students’ Union Social Secretary, and to have worked alongside executives and artists, such as Blur, who themselves have strong links to the College. I’ve enjoyed a dream job that allowed me to indulge my passion as a music fan within an industry I wouldn’t have known existed if it wasn’t for my time at Goldsmiths.

I worked at EMI for 15 years, working as the Creative and Marketing Director for the Parlophone label, and leading and developing release campaigns for artists including Blur, Radiohead, Coldplay, Kylie, Gorillaz, Paul McCartney and Queen. I then moved to take on the role of MD for the EMI Records label. Here my responsibility was to oversee all areas of the label: A&R, Marketing, Digital, Creative, and Press & Promo. During this time I took charge of a roster of artists that included Kate Bush, Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk and Iron Maiden, and was responsible for securing new artist deals with Hot Chip, Sigur Ros, Corinne Bailey Rae and LCD Soundsystem. I’m currently working as a consultant to the BMG Artist Services which sees me both sourcing and working on strategy for artist releases.

There have been many, many, highlights, possibly topped by working so closely with Blur for so long. But, more than this, what I hold to be to my greatest achievement since leaving college is to have held on to the most amazing friendships that were forged some three decades ago. My memories of working as Social Secretary at Goldsmiths are of an incredibly vibrant culture and energy throughout the university. I was able to work with, and learn from, some amazing people at Goldsmiths and be introduced to colleagues across the wider industry whom I continue to work with today. It was my experience at Goldsmiths, as Social Secretary, that opened my eyes to wider opportunities and gave me the chance to secure my first foot hold in the industry. I greatly enjoyed my Sociology course, and there are many learnings that have helped me in future work; most specifically when looking to understand audiences, and analyse data. I studied alongside such a wide-ranging group of fellow students, whom all shared a desire to learn and embrace new experiences."

Sophie, production assistant at Mumsnet

BA Media & Communications, graduated 2012

"I remember the interviewer being so impressed that I'd been to Goldsmiths, and that's when I fully appreciated how special it was to have been part of such an amazing institution."

When I left Goldsmiths, I started my first job at a magazine in the same week. I remember the interviewer being so impressed that I'd been to Goldsmiths, and that's when I fully appreciated how special it was to have been part of such an amazing institution.

At Mumsnet I'm responsible for producing up-to-date content for the website and social media channels. This varies so widely day to day, but my role mainly includes writing short features on anything from food and travel to parenting and crafts, and making sure there's fresh content being generated daily from current affairs or the threads on our forum. I write and send out three newsletters a week with a joint readership of over 500,000.

The glamorous flip-side is that I get to interview loads of celebrities, from Idris Elba to Mary Berry. I also interview them on camera, and spend a lot of time editing the footage so it's ready for the site.

I'm part of a 'viral content' team that works across social media channels to create shareable content. This involves making 'sharing graphics' for our Facebook and Twitter pages, and running round the office with a camera taking photos for Instagram. I often live tweet from press and industry events on behalf of Mumsnet, and the freebies are great!

Being at Goldsmiths gave me the courage to speak up, and not be afraid of standing out. I think that's what a lot of people would say if they were asked about their time there. Everyone has an opinion, and being around so many people with diverse and differing views made seminars a hive of interactivity and education alone. The tutors reinforced the casual learning environment by encouraging debate and never telling you to back down. I learnt so much about so many different people, I could probably write a book about it (and maybe I will!).

Tom King, co-founder of record label No Pain in Pop who also works in artist management at Giant Men Management 

BA English & History, graduated 2008

"Take every single opportunity that’s offered to you."

The best thing for me about being at Goldsmiths, personally, was just the experience, being with creative, likeminded people. When I started at Goldsmiths I wasn't interested in having a career in music whatsoever, I wanted to be a writer or an academic. The idea of music only came to me in my second or third year when I realised that much of my social and recreational activities were leaning towards that in some degree. I met the people I founded the label with social events at university and around the area.

The best part of my job is the creative side and working with all of these incredibly talented people. The worst part is having to deal with so many different things all the time!

My advice for current students would be that 'yes' is always a far better answer than 'no' – just take every single opportunity that’s offered to you and apply for things and do things, whether it’s sports, meeting up with your friends... anything that can inspire you. Keep your options open, experience things rather than plan any kind of career path. Be positive and try and engage as much as you can with everything.

Interviewed by Alisa Vakkila


"Thanks to Goldsmiths, the world is mine for the taking"

I came to study at Goldsmiths from my home country of Tanzania and it's been really easy to adapt. I've always felt welcome and supported, even when I moved courses between my first and second years (I was originally studying art but decided that design was a better fit for me) I've met some absolutely great people and the networking opportunities that the university has opened up have been fantastic.

I have no doubt that whatever happens in my future, it will come from the connections I've made here. Thanks to Goldsmiths, the world is mine for the taking.

If I had to describe my experience in one word it would be 'awesome' I know that's not very academic, but it's true. I'm going back to Tanzania for a while, but I hope to return to London to do an MA in the near future.

Margaret Howell

BA Fine Art, graduated 1969

Margaret Howell has worked across men’s and women’s fashion for the last 40 years and is famed for her classically British take on tailored shirts, duffle coats and lace up shoes. She was awarded a CBE for services to the fashion industry in 2007.

"I wasn’t especially aware of Goldsmiths before my interview” she explains “We only lived in Surrey, but London seemed quite far away and my parents hadn’t visited very often! I remember being very nervous taking my portfolio on the train, and the interview being terrifying. They said something like “you’re very nearly very good” and I came away thinking, “I probably haven’t got this.” 

From that inauspicious start, Margaret started to make the most of her course and even won the first year prize, which was £26 “A lot of money in those days! I remember going to a bookshop on Charing Cross Road, and choosing these lovely books. One was to do with the old masters, one was the impressionists, and one was about the pioneers of modern design; I still have them all.” 

Life drawing classes proved especially useful “They were tremendous training for understanding proportion. Because of it I can tell when something is half a millimetre off, which is extremely useful in what I do now!” However, it was the extra curricular activities that Goldsmiths offered which proved to be life changing. “The film club, which was put on one evening a week by the Students’ Union, was fantastic– it was great seeing all those early films by people like Fritz Lang and Kurosawa, and I was really inspired by icons like Katherine Hepburn and Louise Brooks – she was so beautiful I put a picture of her on my wall. In the evenings we also used to study subsidiary subjects including architecture. One of the lecturers had just been to Japan and he showed us beautiful slides of the temples. The emptiness and the minimal quality of those buildings really appealed to me.” More...


"Goldsmiths has allowed me a sense of social mobility and social inclusion that I did not feel before. Everything here is set up for students to succeed, however unconventional their background might be."

Studying a degree was never within my realm of possibilities. I had no formal education as a child, and neither had any of my family. The route my life has taken has been far from straight forward, and my past has made getting even the most humble of jobs very difficult.

However, I ended up doing a Basic English and Maths course in Brixton, aged 33. Through this I heard about a Goldsmiths Open Day. On approaching the front door and seeing all young and beautiful potential students, my gut reaction was that this place wasn’t for me. Luckily, I made it through the front door and met Joe Baden from the Open Book programme. He is the first person who ever suggested I could do a degree, and I believe that without him I wouldn’t be here today. I started a History foundation course, but within a month the course tutor could see it was too easy for me and she transferred me to the BA (Hons) course.

Here, tutors and Open Book have worked with me on an individual level. Their support and therein my experience has been tailored to suit me. It has been a personal struggle to make my past and my life as a student complicit. But it has not been a struggle for my fellow students, who have received me openly. As a part of Open Book I have now been invited to be part of an RSA Think Tank to suggest new ideas for educative institutions. It has been suggested I could go on to do an MA and maybe even a PhD.

Goldsmiths is a special place. It stands out from the other Universities. Goldsmiths has allowed me a sense of social mobility and social inclusion that I did not feel before. Everything here is set up for students to succeed, however unconventional their background might be.

"Tutors and coursemates always supported my career as a writer"

I continue to tell anybody and everybody just how good the MA is, and how useful it proved to be for me. Not because it greased my wheels into the publishing industry, but because the relationships I developed there, with fellow students and with tutors, have supported my career as a writer ever since. This has happened because of the atmosphere of the course, and its concentration on the craft of writing process and the importance of having the mindset, rather than the publishing competitiveness of some courses.

I began my first novel at Goldsmiths, and am now starting my third. Things have gone very well for me so far, I suppose, career-wise, but it is testament to how and why I began writing, on the course, that the work itself is always more important to me than that work's place in the book world."

Ross was one of two MA Creative & Life Writing graduates recognised in Granta's 2013 Best of Young British Novelists list.

Paul Baxter, Head of Chaucer Direct

BMus Music, graduated 1985

After graduating from Goldsmiths in 1985, Paul Baxter took a postgrad course and delved into the world of insurance – certainly the road less travelled for many music graduates! Since then he's built up an impressive career in the industry, working his way up to Director position at Tesco Compare, Vice President at Renaissance Insurance, and – most recently – Head of car insurance firm Chaucer Direct. Here he remembers his time at Goldsmiths.

"I loved being at Goldsmiths. The combination of being in London and being part of the community really made it for me. Goldsmiths really made me feel like I was a part of where I studied and not just a student who parachuted in for a few weeks at a time. Most of all though, I was with a great group of fun people who just made me want to be there. I didn't want to leave!

The course at Goldsmiths gave me a footing in academic study and gave me the confidence to do postgrad studies to support my work (maybe a music degree wasn't the best preparation for a career in insurance, but it was a brilliant and fun course). The challenging and creative learning at Goldsmiths did prepare me well for this further study later. It also taught me how to have a good time and somehow to keep the work in an acceptable place!

Most of what I do as Head of Chaucer Direct is supporting and challenging my team. In a service industry, I see it as my job to represent the views and feelings of customers to make sure we never lose touch with what we need to do to deliver great service. As a manager, my job is to get the best people in the business and to make them want to stay."

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