Queer History at Goldsmiths


We bring together scholars, activists, and community members to create a global hub for queer history research.

MA Queer History

The MA in Queer History is a pioneering programme in one of the most exciting areas of historical enquiry, giving a voice to those who throughout much of history have been denied one.

For more information visit the MA Queer History programme page.


We bring together scholars, activists and community members to create a global hub for queer history research.

Interest in queer histories and the lives of LGBTQ people in the past crosses departments and disciplinary boundaries at Goldsmiths. Exciting and dynamic research is being undertaken not only in the Department of History but across the College.

Goldsmiths Queer History brings together students and staff at Goldsmiths and across the University of London. But we also engage with a wider public of community members, activists and heritage professionals who are engaged with questions of the queer past. The study of queer history is as much about the present as the past.

Our work includes provision of the first MA in Queer History, public history events, workshops, and the creation of the Goldsmiths Archive of Queer Life Histories.

The Department of History at Goldsmiths offers the world’s first MA in Queer History. Please contact course convenor Justin Bengry for further information.

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