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Proposed or Thesis Title:

A Collective Biography of the Leveller leaders in the English Revolution

Summary of Research:

This collective biography of the leveller leadership will trace thier individual and collective paths through the English revolution. It will examine thier practical and intellectual co-operation and thier different backgrounds, political ideas and strategies as they arose in the course of the revolution.

The lives, actions and ideas of the leading figures among the levellers can be examined in a way that can give us a unique insight into what kind of political organisation or movement the levellers were and the degree to which both their ideas and thier actions shaped the events of the 1640s and 1650s.

Supervised by:

Dr Ariel Hessayon (

Conference Papers:

1649 and the Execution of Charles I - Conference organised by the London Socialist Historians Group, Senate House, University of London, January 2009.


Previously published work includes 'The Algebra of Revolution' (Routledge, 1998) and 'Imperialism and Resistance (Routledge, 2006).


Guest lecturer University of Westminister, 2009.

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