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Autumn2013/Spring 2014

Grounding: Philosophy and the Law Seminar Series

This Autumn and Spring, InC Goldsmiths Continental Philosophy Research Group are running a seminar series entitled Grounding: Philosophy and the Law. 
Theorists and philosophers, including Oscar Guardiola-Rivera, Eyal Weizman and Naomi Goulder will ask what can be productively read in the conceptual intertwining of law, philosophy and notions of the ground. 
With a diverse program ahead we would like to invite students, academics and enthusiasts alike to come and join us in what promises to be a compelling series.

12/11/2013:  RHB143 17.00-19.00 'Derrida and the eco-polemicists' Sean Gaston

19/11/2013: RHB143 17.00-19.00 'The guy with an edge: Cavell, Nancy and self-reliance' Daniele Rugo

3/12/2013: RHB143 17.00-19.00 'Story of a Death Foretold' Oscar Guardiola-Rivera

14/01/14: RHB143 17.00-19.00 'The Half Life of Yassir Arafat: Polonium 210 and the first nuclear war in the Middle East' Eyal Weizman

21/01/14: RHB143 17.00-19.00 'Is Truth Valuable?' Naomi Goulder

28/01/14: RHB143 17.00-19.00 'Kant on space, territory and justice' Chris Bertram

4/2/2014: RHB143 17.00-19.00 'Montaigne and Art of Self-Governance' Blair Ogden


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