Julio, Brazil

Julio received a prestigious Chevening Scholarship to study at Goldsmiths

For the last 10 years, I've been working as a documentary filmmaker in Brazil. My first feature documentary, 'Letter to Angola', won 4 prizes and has been screened in more than 40 international festival around the world. But I decided to give me a break and go back to school. After research for an innovative university, with a solid reputation, I found Goldsmiths. So far I'm really happy with courses, atmosphere and all the events and lectures available. Teachers, supervisors and staff here are so dedicated and helpful, that's really amazing! Now I'm a Chevening Scholar, looking forward to research BBC. When I finish my Masters, I'll go back to Brazil and start a PhD, but also get back to filmmaking.


MA Global Media & Transnational Communications

"I am loving the rich experience of studying here!"

I chose Goldsmiths because of the unique approach of the course and the good reputation of the institution. I am loving the rich experience of studying here. I have been able to explore many subjects and issues that are expanding my knowledge and vision of the world. It will be fundamental to my future career plans.

The atmosphere of the College is great, I have been in touch with people from all over the world and this diversity is amazing. And London is a fantastic city, with so much to do, to see, with easy access to any part of the UK. My favorite city in the world!


MA Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship

"The course is really interesting, focused and, at the same time, widely applicable."

I'm doing MA in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship. We are engaged in questions related to the creative industry (a very British expression) and, in general lines, thinking about and developing policies – public or private – addressing it.

I graduated in Journalism in 1995 and since then I have worked in the economic area but also producing for the cultural area. In the last six years I have got entirely dedicated to the cultural sector: I became the Culture Editor of the biggest website in Rio, I co-authored a book, I started working for a TV show about culture backstage and I directed a movie (documentary).

About the course, I'd like to say that it is really interesting, focused and, at the same time, widely applicable. Creative and cultural entrepreneurship is such a new subject of study both at Goldsmiths and in the UK. And, in Brazil, the majority of professionals in this field acquired their experience from an informal transmission of knowledge.  They literally picked it up by ear as they went along. There is no other way at present to learn this profession. I am not criticising practical experience (I already have some of it) as a way of learning. However, it is not enough.

In addition, the profile of the teaching staff at Goldsmiths made my mind up about the course.  When I read the biographies of the professors I got immediately struck by the similarities (in spite of different proportions) between my own experiences and ideas and those of some of the teachers.  So, as you can see, I'm happy and enthusiastic.


"The combination of supportive staff, weekly workshops/seminars and being a lively and friendly environment makes Goldsmiths an ideal place to learn and develop."

I'm really pleased that I took the decision to study at Goldsmiths. At an academic level, Goldsmiths has enabled me to develop my skills as a researcher as well as my career within the field. The combination of supportive staff, weekly workshops/seminars and being a lively and friendly environment makes Goldsmiths an ideal place to learn and develop.
On a personal level, the diversity that exists inside Goldsmiths has given me the opportunity to mix with different people. This has allowed me to learn more about different cultures within everyday practice. I've recently been approached by a publishing house to publish my Masters thesis, and my book, Lives in Motion: Notebooks of an Immigrant in London, will be published in Autumn 2013.


"Since my arrival it has been such a vivid time of learning and breakthroughs there is no easy way to summarise."

I have been studying at Goldsmiths preparing my PhD thesis about 20th-century musical temporality. My current research is a natural development of my Masters degree in Musicology at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, and is supported by CAPES scholarship and University Federal of Paraná where I am assistant professor in the arts department.

Some years ago, I realised that my doctoral studies would be greatly improved if performed abroad, since the musical repertoire I am interested in is essentially European. After an intense period of searching I finally decided on London and specifically on Goldsmiths, because of the richness of new musical experiences that such a multicultural environment could offer. Actually, walking around Goldsmiths you meet people from everywhere. It is really a cheerful and exciting place. No doubts I have made the best choice in choosing Goldsmiths to perform my doctoral studies in the UK. Since my arrival it has been such a vivid time of learning and breakthroughs there is no easy way to summarise, but for sure it has been a time of new ideas and new sonorities to be explored and shared. Perhaps the open minded surroundings is what I am enjoying the most, especially getting involved in a research degree.

There are a number of musical opportunities at Goldsmiths, from solo performance to orchestral practice. The Department of Music has a set of individual practice rooms, facilities for the development of studio and applied composition, and offers a large collection of books and journals covering all branches of musicology.

Goldsmiths' Music Department is very similar to that one I came from, in terms of the number of students and staff, but the way seminars and lectures are organized is essentially different. In Brazil we have this slight tendency to patronize our students; instead, here you are faced by this sense of being responsible for your own choices. I guess this is the first lesson to be learnt when performing a degree in arts abroad in a place like Goldsmiths – that is to say, learning to be confident about your plans of study and future career, and above all learning to improve your artistic skills.


I am a Brazilian journalist and actor who decided to come to London to engage to a passion: documentary. Then I chose one of the best courses in the area to study in this marvellous city!

How would your friends describe yourself? Lovely, easy-going, kind and generous

What's your favourite place in London? Southbank and Globe Theatre

What's the best thing about studying at Goldsmiths? The diversity of people from different cultures who come to study here and, of course, the talent of the teachers and students

Who would you most like to get stuck in a lift with? My boyfriend

What's your guilty pleasure? Eating chocolate at night

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"I studied a great variety of different subjects."

I first found out about Goldsmiths while browsing a list of British universities available for my exchange program. The school instantly called my attention because it had a course called 'Creative Computing'. From the moment I read about the course I set my mind into applying. It was the best decision I could have taken. In the year I've been there I met great people, I studied a great variety of different subjects and finally found out what I want to work with. It felt like Goldsmiths was the place for me.

Gabriel, Brazil

Gabriel received a prestigious Chevening Scholarship to study at Goldsmiths

"When I decided to come to the UK, I started searching for universities with programmes that interested me. Goldsmiths got my attention not just for its fame as a top creative uni, but for its unique programes. I instantly fell in love with the outline of my course and knew that that was what I wanted to study.

I could not be happier with my choice. The programme has an amazing interdisciplinary approach to subjects and the College atmosphere is exactly what I expected from a top creative university. Every single day something new catches my eye, something surprises me. Having this kind of excitement is exactly why I decided to get my masters abroad and Goldsmiths is doing a great job on it so far.

I was awarded a Chevening Scholarship, an amazing scholarship granted by the FCO that allows international students to come to the UK and have their Masters here at top universities such as Goldsmiths."


"Studying at Goldsmiths is an incredible opportunity to enrich my previous professional background and to deepen my knowledge with a more theoretical approach."

Before coming to Goldsmiths, I was working for eight years in the media industry in my home country, Brazil, firstly in PR firms and later in the marketing department of a big TV company. Studying at Goldsmiths is an incredible opportunity to enrich my previous professional background and to deepen my knowledge with a more theoretical approach. What I find most interesting about my course is its interdisciplinary perspective, combining many fields of academia in order to develop innovative/provocative ways of thinking about media. In addition, I benefit a lot from seminars, in which students from all around the world, with completely different backgrounds, discuss their views on the topics of the week.

Being granted a Santander Scholarship gave me further motivation to dive headlong into this year of full time studies, not only because it is a sign that the institution believes in my potential, but also because it is an important financial help. 


"The best part of the course is the possibility of realising your ideas."

After four years working as an editor on TV in Brazil I decided it was time to stop and think about better ways of doing my job. Coming to England was the best choice as the BBC is here. I decided to do the course at Goldsmiths to improve my skills and to look at journalism in a different way.

I have always wanted to study abroad as I think it is a unique experience that would make me develop as a professional and as a person. It was through the Chevening scholarship from the British Council that I could achieve this goal.  As an international student I have learned a lot about British journalism. British TV has high quality programmes and in the university we learn how to reach the same high standards.

The equipment at the university is very good and the lectures are great as well. But the best part of the course is the possibility of realising our ideas. At Goldsmiths we have all the support we need to develop our own work. You learn to produce good journalism step by step, from concept to technical points. The beginning of the course is more about news but, if you intend to work with current affairs or documentaries, the last two terms are focused on longer features.

The environment at the College is great because there are people from everywhere. It is the perfect place to learn. There are always interesting talks to open up our minds. After I finish the MA I may go back to Brazil, where I still have my job as an editor at a TV station.

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