MA in Digital Media: Technology & Cultural Form

"Studying for the MA in Digital Media was a transformative experience that opened new personal and professional possibilities."

Studying for the MA in Digital Media was a transformative experience that opened new personal and professional possibilities.

I started the MA in Digital Media after several years of professional experience in the media industries. I discovered tools and knowledge that would have been hard to get anywhere else. The programme offered the critical capabilities to engage in a deeper level with my career and at the same time encouraged me to develop my own path by crossing disciplines and giving me the freedom to experiment.

Since graduating I've been engaged on video and performance projects at the Move Research Lab, developing among others the digital dance project Flatland. My thesis project Superliminal was part of the Video and New Media Biennal (Santiago, Chile). Other projects that I've been involved relate to the performative aspects of video and technology.


MA Journalism

"Goldsmiths gave me the tools and confidence to be able to work in another country and to write in a different language."

I work as a freelancer for a women’s magazine called Paula and a newspaper call La Tercera. I got both jobs only by sending my CV by email and asking for a job.

Studying at Goldsmith was great for me even though I was a journalist already; I have worked for 4 years in a weekly newspaper called the Clinic before going to London. This newspaper is very important in the Chilean context, because in Chile there are only two newspaper companies, both owned by right wing businessmen. The Clinic is the only independent newspaper. In Chile the media industry is really small and concentrated, so it's hard to find a job, even if you have studied and worked abroad. Contacts are very important. A soon as I got back I started sending emails with my CV and asking for a job to the magazines and newspapers I like and to the editors I know. One month after returning, I’m already publishing in a newspaper and a magazine, so it’s not too bad.

Goldsmiths gave me the tools and the confidence to be able to work in another country and to write in a different language, which was really hard for me at the beginning and still is. But the MA was so demanding that I had to work hard and finally I was able to do it. I even published some of my work as a freelance at The Guardian, which was amazing and a big improvement in my CV. The only thing I had to do was send in my pieces, it wasn't hard at all. Studying an MA in London made a big difference for me back in Chile, both when it comes to my CV and my self-confidence. I chose Goldsmiths because I have a couple of friends who studied there before and they gave me really good references.

I think the most special thing about Goldsmiths was the fact that we were only 14 students, so the MA was really personalized and that was exactly what I needed, as a student from abroad. I am still in touch with the other students all the time, via Facebook and twitter. And I'm going to write an email with all the details of my life back in Santiago to the girls, hoping to hear details of their lives and some gossip as well. I would without any doubt recommend others to study at Goldsmiths.


MA Arts Administration and Cultural Policy

Born in Santiago, Chile, Josefina studied social communication and journalism in Santiago. Whilst studying, Josefina worked at Escuchame Fundation and managed an event call “Art and Wine”, consisting of 36 Chilean artists who joined 36 wineries to create work together. The results were exhibited at the Ralli Museum that was displayed in an art book and an art auction.

Josefina worked as a journalist for IN Magazine, wrote freelance for the cultural magazine Plagio, and for some websites and blogs who talked about trends, travels and culture. She also collaborated in a film festival call In-Edit, which is focused on music documentaries.

Josefina moved to London for two years, where she studied the MA in Arts Administration and Cultural Policy, interning at Actors Touring Company, a theatre company based in Shoreditch. She undertook administration work, but also in their production “Ghost or those who return”, directed by Bijan Sheibani.

In 2009, Josefina returned to Chile and worked as a freelance journalist for VOX Magazine, the magazine of the Teatro Municipal de Santiago, writing about dance, ballet, opera and then s an editor at an agency call E-press. Josefina is currently working in communications and PR, for the agency Alta Comunicación.

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