MA Global Media & Transnational Communications

"My advice to anyone in China considering studying at Goldsmiths is to bring courage and curiosity!"

I am currently working for Xinhua as a feature writer; I report what happens in China in English to overseas publications. The study at Goldsmiths gave me systematic training in media and communications theories. After learning theories of transnational communications and global media at Goldsmiths, I become more interested in how to improve China's public diplomacy in such a globalised world.

Studying in the UK is different from studying in China, students are taught to argue about statements and provide their own ideas rather than simply agreeing with them. Also, students are encouraged to do self-learning, for example by participating in social activities and researching in the library. My advice to anyone in China considering studying at Goldsmiths is: leave your anxiety and fear back home, and bring courage and curiosity. Spend time visiting museums and galleries – it is true that "if you are bored of London, you are bored of life."


"Living in London and studying at Goldsmiths feels like you have the world at your fingertips."

When I jetted off to England on the morning of a summer's day, arriving the next afternoon, I never knew that what I would gain would turn out to be far beyond my expectations. Here your creative ability and natural flair never go unnoticed. You are encouraged by course leaders to be a creative, deep individual and a sensitive thinker. You can have your say freely and you will probably end up opening your mouth to find the words just fall out.

At Goldsmiths there is an incredible variety of cross-cultures and sub-cultures which show no signs of fading away. Don't be surprised if you bump into an indie-rock-star-looking mate wearing skinny jeans with a couple of holes, or a pair of vintage glasses – you may find you are in the same seminar group for your next class.

Studying abroad is not only for being at the cutting-edge of media study, but for a truly cross-cultural experience. I love London, I really do. It is a city where you can see the world, it is a place where people come and go, making things happen, and you get non-stop inspirations. Located in London, Goldsmiths perfectly combined them all. Living in London, studying in Goldsmiths – it' like you hardly know anywhere at the beginning of the day, and by the end it feels like you have the world at your fingertips. I see the two year experience as the best of my life.


Before coming to London for her MA in Arts Administration and Cultural Policy, Yan Chen studied History and Tourism in China. During her university study, she also gained intensive workplace experiences in the cultural sector. Whilst assisting with the Asian tour of the Broadway musicals The Sound of Music and Cinderella as a part time interpreter, she found her enthusiasm for arts administration and realised that variety of departments involved in this sector. Yan decided to further her study in this field at Goldsmiths and develop her career in audience development and cultural management.

Studying at Goldsmiths College was an unforgettable experience, allowing Yan to explore subjects such as cultural analysis and arts marketing. The course involved meeting guest lecturers from the industry and visit a number of prestigious venues including the Royal Opera House and Tate Gallery. Additionally, studying with academics and students from diverse cultural backgrounds was fun and inspiring, allowing her to think differently and creatively.

After graduating from the MA, she worked in marketing for a British East Asian theatre company, whilst also working in strategy marketing for Made in China UK, a cultural consultancy company whose projects link the creative industries in China and the UK. One of its projects, The Bridge London, aims to network young Chinese talents and London's creative businesses, sharing ideas and hosting events in the House of Lords and Somerset House. These challenging projects involved collaborating with and learning from senior and successful professionals in the field, such as directors/managers from BBC, TimeOut, Colman Getty, Saatchi & Saatchi etc.

Involved with a variety of projects and organisations, Yan tries to get the most of her life in London. She hopes to bring the knowledge and experiences back to China in the future, to develop its emerging cultural sector and to engage and develop audiences for cultural activities.

Jiang Yi (Ryan)

MA Journalism

"The course significantly improved my writing, and the work experience was extremely useful."

Sports journalism was always an interest. My first job when I left Goldsmiths was as the England and London correspondent for Soccer News, a Chinese tri-weekly newspaper on sports. I worked there for one and a half years. I knew a couple of friends who were working for them, and then in the summer I went and covered Euro 2004 in Portugal. I got the job after the course.

I enjoyed it, though it got very hectic; it revolved around football matches and press conferences. I watched two matches per week and covered them in detail, apart from match reports on the others. The bulk of my work took place over the weekend because that's when the matches and conferences are held. I got to interview footballers now and then. I have interviewed the likes of David Beckham and Ruud Van Nistelrooy. Beckham was a nice guy, very polite and diplomatic, though a little boring.

2006 was a very eventful year for me. In the summer I went to the football World Cup in Germany and although it was a fantastic experience I ended up very depressed by the performance of England and their early exit. Then, in December, I decided it was time to leave London. I got a job at the Chinese Sports Illustrated magazine in Beijing and so headed back to China. It was an excellent opportunity for me.

At the present time it is 'so far so good' but I need to re-learn a lot about China. I am going to be in Beijing for the 2008 Olympics and reporting on it - that is going to be fantastic.

I did my undergraduate degree in Guangdong where I studied English and had a part-time job translating from English to Chinese for a sports newspaper. I came to Goldsmiths to improve my English writing skills and to understand journalism in detail, and it has paid off. John, our news tutor, took me to see my first live English football match – Arsenal v Middlesbrough. He was a great guy, and I am extremely grateful to him for that. Angela is extremely sharp and can be very serious.

Life at Goldsmiths was really chilled out. For me, it consisted of three things: lots of writing, lots of drinking and playing darts. The course significantly improved my writing, and the work experience was extremely useful. I did work experience at Times Sport and Observer Sport, which were great. I made lots of useful contacts, which still help me to this day. I consider the feedback aspect of the course extremely useful.


BA International Media

"After graduation I was reassured by Goldsmiths' high reputation in the media industry."

While I was planning my BA study, Goldsmiths was my first choice. There are 4 major reasons.

Firstly, media study requires social and cultural practices. Without a doubt, London is the best place to experience the use of media, and Goldsmiths is located in zone 2, so it only takes 15 minutes to get to Central London. Secondly I heard we would be taught not only by great academic lecturers (whose theories are referenced in many Chinese media books), but also by professionals who have been working in the industry. Thirdly, it's a university which is well known for its creativity. Finally, I love the computer centre, as it's full of the new iMacs!

After graduation I was reassured by Goldsmiths' high reputation in the media industry, people in the industry definitely know what Goldsmiths College represents.

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