MA Development & Rights

"Goldsmiths has the feeling of strong community among the students and staff."

Currently, I am pursuing Master of Arts in Development and Rights and the programme has broadened my knowledge about development. The Development and Rights programme gives students the opportunity to explore other avenues by undertaking a development placement with an organisation in London, and through that students are able to relate theory to practice. It's truly a privilege to be able to study under such dedicated and gifted lecturers in the Department of Anthropology.

In fact the programme has been of a tremendous help to me and I am grateful to the Commonwealth Commission and Goldsmiths, University of London for offering me such an opportunity like that, without which I couldn't have pursued my desired programme.

I chose to attend Goldsmiths, University of London because there is a different atmosphere around Goldsmiths compared to other universities. I think it is the feeling of strong community among the students and staff. There isn't a day that goes by on campus where someone doesn't hold doors or engage in small acts of kindness for others and that is what makes Goldsmiths different.

Also I chose Goldsmiths because of its international reputation and the uniqueness of the programmes that are offered here to students as well as its uniqueness in terms of different cultures among the student community.

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