Student and graduate testimonials from Hong Kong

Daisy, PhD Cultural Studies

"I chose Goldsmiths because I was attracted by its reputation of being at the cutting edge of social and cultural theory. And I was not disappointed. I found myself in a community where both staff and students are thoroughly committed to their work. The Centre for Cultural Studies is a postgraduate centre and has a relatively small number of students. However the dedication and commitment of every single person in the department made up for any lack in size. If anything I find it an extremely positive environment to work in. I also find that the direction of the Centre and Goldsmiths corresponds to what I believe education is about. Theory is constantly put into question through practice, and by doing so making it relevant and political to everyday life."

Daisy now works as a Research Assistant Professor at the Hong Kong Baptist University.


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Ian, MA Arts Administration & Cultural Policy

Ian studied the MA in Arts Administration & Cultural Policy in the Institute of Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship. He now works as the Outreach Manager as the Hong Kong Arts Festival and also runs his own theatre company. He said choosing to study the degree at Goldsmiths was one of the best decisions he's ever made.


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Jonathan, MA International Studies

Jonathan is now a presenter and producer at Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), and studied MA International Studies. He explains the benefits of studying in London and how the creative environment at Goldsmiths prepared him for his career.


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Studied an undergraduate degree in the department, graduating in 1992

"The intellectual and artistic experiences have nurtured me into a richer and more thoughtful art worker."

The degree equipped me with the appropriate knowledge and skills to share history of art and ways of creating art with the others. The programme has widened my horizon of arts and enhanced the development of my own thinking. The intellectual and artistic experiences have nurtured me into a richer and more thoughtful art worker. 

I'm now Adjunct Lecturer at HKU SPACE, and a part-time Lecturer at the School of Continuing and Professional Studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I share drawing, painting, combined media and theories of the history of art. 


Through meeting different artist teachers and studying different contemporary pedagogical forms of art practice, I have broadened my horizon. It is an experience that changes your studio practice as an artist, your pedagogical practice as an educator, and also your ways of seeing as a contemporary being.


BSc Psychology

"I am glad I chose Goldsmiths because it was easy to settle into and has a very friendly atmosphere."

I chose to go to Goldsmiths mainly because after five years of high school in a more rural area of England, I wanted to live in a city again. I love London and therefore Goldsmiths was a good choice. Its psychology degree course seemed suitable for me and so Goldsmiths appeared an ideal choice. The atmosphere of the university is friendly, especially in the halls of residence. Living in halls is the best part of the university because it gives me the personal space that I need, yet I am able to be with friends whenever I want. I am glad I chose Goldsmiths mainly because it was easy to settle into and has a very friendly atmosphere.

Wai Yee

MA Global Media & Transnational Communications

"One of my fondest memories of Goldsmiths is lying down on the University green in the lovely sunny weather."

I was told that Media Studies has an exceptional reputation at Goldsmiths and the university has a diverse, international community where you can find students from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America. So off I went and I have never regretted my decision for a second.

Whilst studying an MA in Global Media and Transnational Communications at Goldsmiths I developed friendships I could never have imagined, many with people from different nationalities. One of my fondest memories of Goldsmiths is lying down on the University green in the lovely sunny weather – pure luxury. In the past year, I have gained much more than I could ever expect. Not only did I achieve my educational goals, I also gained lots of friends and have had the experience of a lifetime.


MA Design Futures

"MA Design Futures programme was exactly the space I was looking for – a space that inspires, stimulates and motivates."

I heard about the College from my professor in Hong Kong who received his PhD in Cultural Studies from Goldsmiths. And I found out about MA Design Futures course on the Goldsmiths website. What attracted me to this course was the clarity in its objectives and ideals, and the ambiguity in its contents. It was exactly the "space" that I was looking for – a space that inspires, stimulates, motivates, and yet was undefined and vague enough to allow me to move around freely and even cross the borders of the subject.

It is an interesting course indeed. We discussed a wide range of issues like environments, ethics, society, technology, knowledge and communication in relation to the design discipline. Under the guidance of the instructors, students are encouraged to rediscover the real concerns/interests deep in our hearts; challenge the cultural and social values, norms and codes; apply the knowledge and ideas to our work; and make things happen. I am glad I chose to study here. I've really enjoyed being with people from different cultural backgrounds in a dynamic and lively study environment. I expect the knowledge and insights will be of great use in my career as a designer in the future.

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