Student and graduate testimonials from South Korea

Jungyoun, MA Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship


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Alexis, BA Fine Art & History of Art


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Hee Seung, PhD Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship


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Aram, researcher at the Fine Art Department in the National Museum of Korea

BA Fine Art, graduated 2008

"The one-to-one tutorial programme and presenting my art works in front of everyone made my character more challenging, adventurous and intuitive."

During my course at Goldsmiths, I had the wonderful chance to develop social skills with tutors and classmates. The College's one-to-one tutorial programme and presenting my art works in front of everyone made my character more challenging, adventurous and intuitive.

After I graduated Goldsmiths in 2008, I came back to South Korea and began studying art history as well as attending the artist's residential program in my hometown. For two years I had group show with other artists and in December 2010 had my first private exhibition. In 2011, I enrolled in Seoul National University's MA Art History course and chose my major field of study as Korean Buddhist Art. I completed my MA thesis last year and at beginning of this year started working in the National Museum of Korea. During the MA studies, I had chance to learn other languages such as Chinese and Japanese. And to further my field of study, I gained certificate in Chinese Language Test.  

My job as researcher in the National Museum of Korea's Fine Art Department include preparing regular themed exhibitions. Most of the time I translate Korean into English so that the explanatory note on art collections can be provided to international tourists who visit the museum. Also I join the department's team who organise and stage the exhibtion, giving help in lighting the displaying space, carrying the museum collection and wrapping the artifacts when they need to be sent abroad. 


International Foundation Certificate in Humanities and Social Sciences

"I've learnt not only English language, but general background of arts and specific theories that we would study on undergraduate course."

The reason for choosing the course was actually simple. I was planning to do further study at Goldsmiths as I wish to study media. However, after the whole course, I really appreciate for everything I had had from the course, including my personal tutor. All tutors are very professional and respectful; they know exactly what foreign students need as they are experienced. Although I had been at language school to learn English, writing in a proper academic style was totally different from what I used to do in my country. Yet, the tutors lead us step by step and I could see that I am actually improved in many ways.

I've learnt a lot, not only English language, but general background of arts and specific theories that we would study at undergraduate course. I also had many times of tutorials and always felt comfortable to talk to tutors either about study or my personal life. Because the class was a quite small group, it enabled tutors and students to become a lot more intimate. However, the best part of the course and the big difference from other schools is that we use the same buildings and attend the lectures as the undergraduate students do. It really helps to get a sense of the real university life. Also, I became familiar with the College atmosphere and feel free to stay there.

I am now a first year student at BA Media & Communications at Goldsmiths, and I found out that what I've learnt from the course is very useful, then I feel relief because that proves I was in the right place. So, once again, I would love to thank all my tutors and the language centre staff to support and help me during the whole course.


"The programme helped me think deeper about the contemporary design debate and conceptual design practice."

Eunji is not the kind of designer that wants to only create 'pretty images', or to make a product more marketable or saleable; instead, she is looking for projects where conceptual thinking is allowed in design practice. Her graduation project is a study of stereotypes and social expectations called 'The average woman, Sarah Smith'.  The project started as a research (mainly numerical data) on the characteristics of 'the average woman' in Britain according to various sources such as newspapers and national statistics. After these measurements were collected, Eunji compiled a profile and tried to transform herself into Sarah Smith using different props.

This approach is something of a motif in her design work: gathering data, then interpreting it for empirical use and a more personal experience. Another of her projects based on this principle, 'Weather Makes You', involved recording daily clothing decisions in accordance to temperature variations, then using this research to understand the connection between the insulating abilities of clothes and temperature values. Taking the project further, clothes could be tagged according to the temperature for which they are adequate. It sounds like a great idea: when we hear the weather forecast expressed as a number of degrees, does it instantly give us any clues of what we should wear tomorrow? Probably not. Eunji’s idea helps make weather a more personal experience.

Ho Kyung

MA Culture Industry

"The Masters programme opened my eyes to multi-layered arts and cultural scenes, and diverse approaches to culture industry."

The MA opened my eyes to multi-layered arts and cultural scenes, and diverse approaches to culture industry. I think one of the most important experiences and achievements at Goldsmiths was rebuilding and refiring my enthusiasm for the arts and culture, extending my theoretical knowledge and encouraging me to develop potential and my own perspective in creative industry areas. Since coming back to South Korea in 2011, I've been writing a book on the context of sustainable cultural practices. I was also involved in a city regeneration research project of a local government in Korea, and I am currently managing a cultural tour programme in Seoul, Korea.


MA in Group and Intercultural Therapy

"I chose Goldsmiths for my MA study because of its innovative, experimental and interdisciplinary pursuit of academic research."

I had often heard about Goldsmiths and its high reputation from my Korean friends. I chose Goldsmiths for my MA study because of its innovative, experimental, and interdisciplinary pursuit of academic research. The cosy, friendly, and student-centred atmosphere of Goldsmiths made me feel comfortable so I could concentrate on my study through a year.

My current course, MA Group and Intercultural Therapy is a theoretical programme of group psychotherapy with a wide range of client groups in a multicultural society. This covers social, cultural and spiritual dimension of therapy as well as intercultural issues such as immigrants, refuges, racial prejudice and discrimination. People in my course all had different ethnic and professional backgrounds but the same spirit to learn and understand diversity. We shared our different point of views and ideas, but one thing I’ve learned is we are commonly unique. Thinking back, the whole year at Goldsmiths was such a revolutionary time for me to transform myself from the inside out.

London is an exciting city with varieties and lots of fun. Goldsmiths is a special place for me with lots of memories. You will find much more than you imagined here at Goldsmiths.

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