How to print from a Pcounter print station


Complete the following steps in order to use the Pcounter print station.

  1. Print the document from your computer - this sends it to the "print queue" - and note the filename.
  2. Go to one of the Pcounter print stations.
  3. Swipe your Goldsmiths Card through the card reader - shown right - with the mag-stripe to the right.
    The display on the card reader shows first your username and Pcounter balance. It then shows the name of the files that you have waiting to be printed and how much it will cost to print each of them. (Long filenames scroll across the display.)
  4. If you have more than one file waiting to be printed, this is indicated by an arrow at the end of the filename display. Use the up and down arrow keys (marked D in the photograph), outlined in blue, to scroll through the list of files.
  5. Press the green button (A) - marked ENTER/YES - to select a job to be printed
  6. Press 1 to print, or 2 to delete (this deletes the print job, not the file itself!)
  7. If you do not have sufficient funds in your account to print a file, you will see the message "insufficient funds to release job."
  8. Press the red button (B) - marked FINISH - to log out.
  9. Collect your printing from the printer.

If you do not print a job within two days of sending it to the printer, the job is removed from the queue.

Printing all jobs

You can also print all your queued documents at once:

  1. Follow steps 1-4, above.
  2. Press the blue button (C) - marked FUNCTION. The display will say "Print All Jobs?"
  3. Press green button (A) - marked ENTER/YES.
  4. When all the documents have been printed, you are automatically logged out - you do not need to press the red FINISH button.