Library's password system for e-resources


We use the Goldsmiths IT username and password to access our e-resources.

For off-campus access we use Shibboleth technology which enables you to access e-resources through logging in to a college authentication system.

Use your Goldsmiths IT username and password where you see one of the following options:

  • Log in via UK Federation
  • Institutional Login
  • Shibboleth

You will then see a screen which looks similar to this:

Occasionally you will need to select UK Federation from the drop-down menu before selecting your institution.

You will then be asked to enter your College username and password.

Identifying where to log in

The name of the Shibboleth login has not been standardised and this can be confusing. Some examples of typical logins are below.

Click on Athens/Other Institution Login link.



Click on the Institutional Login Link

CSA Illumina

Click on the Shibbolth Login Link and ignore the Sign On button, the Athens Login link and the MyResearch Login link.


Some sites use a WAYFLess url - which means you are taken straight to the Goldsmiths Login Screen - see below:


A small number of our resources are not yet available via UK Federation access e.g. Wiley.

These resources can be accessed via the proxy server. You will see the following login screen: