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Welcome to the Goldsmiths Music Studios

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About our music studios

Designed to optimise acoustic and electronic sound reproduction, the Goldsmiths Music studios are a creative space for research, performance and recording. Thanks to sponsors, and to the largest capital investment by Goldsmiths since 2011, musicians can make professional-level recordings using state-of-the-art equipment.‌

The studio is available for commercial hire with an engineer or assistant engineer. There is parking for 2 cars and easy access to load in and out.

Features of our music studios

  • Three live rooms. Studio 1 has 12ft high ceilings, a timber floor and variable acoustics. Studios 2 and 3 have a dryer acoustic for a more focused sound.
  • Central control room linked to all studios
  • Large-format Calrec vintage analogue mixing desk with 72 Inputs
  • Plate Reverb
  • Yamaha C6 Grand Piano in concert piano condition
  • 2x Upright pianos, Fender Rhodes and a Prophet PE-08 analogue synthesiser
  • Large collection of new and vintage microphones including the famous Neumann U47
  • Large collection of vintage and new analogue outboard equipment (Neve, API, Urei, Teletronix etc.)
  • Pro-tools HD recording system


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Our rates

10h day with engineer - £375 + VAT

5h day with engineer - £225 + VAT

Significant discounts are available for alumni (up to 3 years). Please contact us for more details.

Contact us

286 New Cross Road
London SE14 6AF

020 8691 9278

gms (

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Photos of our studio

Check out what's inside our music studio.

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