Postgraduate Cultural Studies degrees


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MA in Cultural Studies

This programme brings cultural studies into today's global age, offering both an integral grounding in critical thought and an active engagement with media, technology, aesthetics, and geopolitics in their contemporary and historical forms.

  • Centre for Cultural Studies

MA in Culture Industry

Our MA in Culture Industry will allow you to explore the interface between contemporary economics and culture, from the scale of a start-up or artwork to that of governmental policy, a city, or the global marketplace. 

  • Centre for Cultural Studies

MA in Digital Culture

On this MA you will interrogate digital culture as you develop and think through your own projects in our bespoke Centre for Cultural Studies media lab. You will undertake research and writing that incorporates contemporary art, software studies, critical theory, philosophy and cultural studies.

  • Digital, Centre for Cultural Studies

MA in Postcolonial Culture & Global Policy

Conceived in the context of world-systemic transformation, this MA will give you the analytical tools to understand contemporary developments and world(s) through an encounter with post-colonial theory and international political economic issues.

  • Centre for Cultural Studies

MPhil & PhD in Cultural Studies

On this programme we interrupt theory with practice, and practice with theory – we aim to engage you, intellectually and critically, and with enthusiasm, in a cultural studies project that questions everything.

  • Centre for Cultural Studies
Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths

Why study Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths?

Our Centre for Cultural Studies is the largest of its kind in the UK, and we are widely respected for pioneering the discipline and for delivering and carrying out world-leading teaching and research in the field. 

  • We specialise in the study and design of culture: media technologies, software, art, urban space, interventions in global geo-politics. We engage at the same time in serious theoretical enquiry.
  • You'll be able to take part in practice interventions in new media, technology and the arts in London's cityscape. 
  • You'll be taught by the people who write influential and politically engaged texts in cultural theory – the leaders in their fields. 
  • You may be able to undertake a placement with a cultural organisation in London or around the world.

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