Staff research interests (Cultural Studies)

Media ethnography.
Goetz Bachmann MA 

Aesthetics and politics; literature and literary theory; photography; African studies.
Dr Jennifer Bajorek BA MA PhD

Philosophy of justice.
Professor Andrew Benjamin
(Visiting Professor) 

Software studies; art; ecology; media theory.
Dr Matthew Fuller BA PhD

Free media.
Graham Harwood

Marxism and theory; poststructuralism; Asian communisms; music and politics; tourism.
Professor John Hutnyk BA PhD

Social and cultural theory; information society; multimedia and urban studies; China.
Professor Scott Lash BSc MA PhD

Cultural analytics, digital media, art, film and design.
Professor Lev Manovitch
(Visiting Professor) 

Globalization and the Postcolony Political Economy, Market and Performativity: Deleuze—ANT; Activism in the Global South; Performativity of the Human Development Index and India; Photography, state and development; Dalit politics and Tarde; Bergson and Cultural Memory.
Dr Bhaskar Mukhopadhyay BA MA PhD

Contemporary philosophy; cybernetic media culture; technoscience.
Dr Luciana Parisi PhD

Technology; China; ethnography.
Dr Tyler Rooker BA MA PhD 

Media Philosophy
Professor Bernard Stiegler
(Visiting Professor)

Postcolonial theory and globalisation; processes and practices of creolisation; Fanon, Césaire etc; the critique of Enlightenment.
Dr Françoise Vergès BA MA PhD 

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