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MPhil & PhD in Visual Sociology

The MPhil/PhD in Visual Sociology offers you the opportunity to combine written sociological argument with film, sound, or photographic representation. 

About the department

3-4 years full-time or 4-6 years part-time.
If you're applying for funding, you may be subject to an application deadline. Find out more about funding opportunities for home/EU applicants, or funding for international applicants.

The Department of Sociology regularly offers studentships for this programme

See our tuition fees.
Contact the department
Contact the Postgraduate Research Officer, Sociology
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It will allow new researchers to re-think both the conduct of social research and the forms that social research writing takes in the 21st century.

Students registered on this degree will complete all of the research training modules outlined for the MPhil/PhD programme.

The PhD will allow you to re-think the gathering, analysis and presentation of research data and consider the future of sociological representation.

Find out more about our research degrees, including information about starting your research, upgrading to PhD registration, and submitting your thesis.


Thesis, visual/aural component (a video or sound feature, or a photographic project), and viva voce.

Application procedure and requirements

You can apply directly to Goldsmiths via the website by clicking the ‘apply now’ button on the main programme page.

Before submitting your application you will need to have: 

  • Details of your education history, including the dates of all exams/assessments;
  • The email address of your referee who we can request a reference from, or alternatively an electronic copy of your academic reference;
  • Contact details of a second referee;
  • A personal statement. This can either be uploaded as a Word Document or PDF, or completed online;
  • If available, an electronic copy of your educational transcript (this is particularly important if you have studied outside of the UK, but isn’t mandatory);
  • An up to date C.V.
  • Details of your research proposal.

You'll be able to save your progress at any point and return to your application by logging in using your username/email and password.

Before you apply for a research programme, we advise you to contact the Postgraduate Research Officer, Sociology. It may also be possible to arrange an advisory meeting.

Before you start at Goldsmiths, the actual topic of your research has to be agreed with your proposed supervisor, who will be a member of staff active in your general field of research. The choice of topic may be influenced by the current research in the department or the requirements of an external funding body. You should look at the staff research interests to see if we are the right department for you and whether there is a member if staff who may match your research interests.

If you wish to study on a part-time basis, you should also indicate how many hours a week you intend to devote to research, whether this will be at evenings or weekends, and for how many hours each day.

Research proposals 

Along with your application and academic reference, you should also upload a research proposal at the point of application. 

This should be in the form of a 1,500 - 3,000 word statement of the proposed area of research and should include: 

  • delineation of the research topic;
  • why it has been chosen;
  • an initial hypothesis (if applicable);
  • a brief list of major secondary sources;
  • The name of a staff member who you believe would be interested in acting as your supervisor.

When to apply 

We accept applications from October for students wanting to start the following September. 

We encourage you to complete your application as early as possible, even if you haven't finished your current programme of study. It's very common to be offered a place conditional on you achieving a particular qualification. 

If you're applying for external funding from one of the Research Councils, make sure you submit your application no later than 31 January.

Selection process 

Admission to many programmes is by interview, unless you live outside the UK. Occasionally we'll make candidates an offer of a place on the basis of their application and qualifications alone.

Entrance requirements 

You should normally have (or expect to be awarded) a taught Masters in a relevant subject area.

You might also be considered for some programmes if you aren’t a graduate or your degree is in an unrelated field, but have relevant experience and can show that you have the ability to work at postgraduate level. 

We also accept a wide range of international equivalent qualifications, which can be found on our country-specific pages. If you'd like more information, please contact the Admissions Office.

English language 

If your first language isn't English, you need to demonstrate the required level of English language competence to enrol on our programmes. 

Please check our English language requirements for more information.

Find out more about applying 

Contact us 

Get in touch via our online form 

+44 (0)20 7919 7766

International (non-EU)
+44 (0)20 7919 7702

Staff in the Department of Sociology

Our Staff

Academic Staff

ALLEYNE, Brian PhD (Senior Lecturer)  
Email: b.alleyne  
Extension: 7721
Activism and social movements, globalisation, information technologies, ethnicity, the use of biography and other forms of narrative in social research

BACK, Les BSc PhD (Professor)
Email: l.back
Extension: 7380
Issues of racism and multiculture in urban contexts

BELL, Vikki BA PhD (Professor)
Email: v.bell
Extension: 7724
Ethics, socio-cultural aspects of transitional justice, aesthetics and the politics of art, especially in societies emerging from violent pasts and with particular interests in Argentina; Social theory, especially the impact of the thought of Michel Foucault and Hannah Arendt; feminist and ‘continental’ philosophy; theories of performativity, subjectivity and the politics of ‘race’, gender and sexuality.

BENSON, Michaela (Senior Lecturer)
Email: michaela.benson
Extension: 3110
Research interests: Rural and urban sociology, social class, lifestyle migration, production and consumption of space and place, migration and tourism, ethnographic methods

BURROWS, Roger, BSc, MSc (Professor & Pro-Warden in Interdisciplinary Development)
Email: r.burrows
Extension: 7719
Urban sociology; social media; the social life of methods; and the public life of data

CAMPBELL, Kirsten BA (Hons) LLB (Hons) BLitt DPhil, PhD, Barrister and Solicitor (Victoria), (Reader) (Principal Investigator, Gender of Justice, ERC)
Email: k.campbell
Extension: 7720
Feminist and post-structuralist social theory, psychoanalytic theory and socio-legal studies.

COLEMAN, Rebecca (Senior Lecturer)
Email: rebecca.coleman
Extension: 5007
Images and visual/sensory culture; bodies and materiality; surfaces; temporality and the future; affect; inventive methodologies; feminist, cultural and social theory

DAY, Abby (Reader)
Email: abby.day
Extension: 3109
Sociology of religion, anthropology of religion, ethnicity, belief, culture, gender,  generations, youth, research methods

FARRIS, Sara (Lecturer)
Email: s.farris
Extension: 3108
sociological theory; political sociology; international migration, focusing on female migration and care-domestic work; feminist theory and gender studies; theories of migrants’ integration; nationalism and racism; political economy; Marxist theory

FEATHERSTONE, Mike (Professor)
Email: mfeat009
Extension: 7729
Social theory, consumer culture, the body, ageing and the life course, global culture and globalization processes.

GABRYS, Jennifer (Reader)
Email: j.gabrys
Extension: 7781
Science and technology studies, digital media, materiality, environments and environmental change, urbanism, creative practice, participation, inventive methods

GILLIES, Val (Professor)
Email: v.gillies
Extension: 7179
Family and parenting, class, marginalised children and young people, education, home school relations, historical comparative analysis, ethnographic methods

GRECO, Monica BA MA PhD (Reader)
Email: m.greco
Extension: 7718
Concepts of health, illness, therapeutics and/or healing in the context of different forms of medical rationality; concepts of life and vitalism; the body and the organism; social theory in relation to the ‘psy’ disciplines, emotions, subjectivity/selfhood and mental health; historical theory

GUGGENHEIM, Michael (Senior Lecturer & Project Lead for ERC Starting Grant "Organising Disaster. Civil Protection and the Population".)
Extension: 7731
STS, visual, studies of expertise, architecture and the city, disasters

GUNARATNAM, Yasmin BSc MSc PhD (Senior Lecturer)
Email: y.gunaratnam
Extension: 2957
Corporeal vulnerability, care, and social research methodologies.

HALLIDAY, Paul MA PgDip Soc Sci AdvDip Film Dip Photojourn Dip Digital Media (Lecturer)
Email: p.halliday
Extension: 2945
Professional photographer and film-maker with an interest in theoretical and practice-led visual ethnography

HIRSH, David BSc(Hons) MA PhD (Lecturer)
Email: d.hirsh
Extension: 7730
Nationalism, cosmopolitanism, international law, socio-legal studies, crimes against humanity, genocide, holocaust, 'war on terror', fundamentalism, Israel/Palestine, human rights

IMRIE, Rob (Professor)
Email: rob.imrie
Extension: 3105
Research Interests: urban governance and community development, the impact and implications of urban policy, the geographies of disability and the built environment

JACKSON, Emma (Lecturer)
Email: e.jackson
Extension: TBC
Cities, belonging, multiculture, class, homelessness, ethnography

JUNGNICKEL, Kat BA MA PhD (Lecturer)
Email: k.jungnickel
Extension: 7382
STS, visual culture, mobilities, material studies, DiY/ maker communities, urban studies, digital sociology, inventive methods

KANNGIESER, Anja (Lecturer)
Email: a.kanngieser
Extension: 3111
Language and social reproduction; voice; contemporary social and political theory; labour organisation; surveillance and governance; geo-economics and geo-politics; logistics and supply chains; social movements; radio; sonic methods

KELLY, Aidan, BA MA (Senior Lecturer)
Email: a.kelly
Extension: 7382
The application of quantitative methodologies in sociological and public policy research

KNOWLES, Caroline BSc PhD (Professor)
Email: c.knowles
Extension: 7393
Race and ethnicity; migration; space and urban life; madness; visual studies and biographical methods

KRAUSE, Monika MSc PhD (Senior Lecturer)
Email: m.krause
Extension: 7563
Political sociology, sociological theory, sociology of culture, organizations, humanitarian relief

LOVEDAY, Vik PhD (Lecturer)
Email: v.loveday
Extension: 5475
social class and working-class lives; gender; affect; social, critical and psychoanalytic theory, Butler and Benjamin; identity; memory and nostalgia; value; and the sociology of education

MARRES, Noortje MA PhD (Senior Lecturer)
Email: n.marres
Extension: 7571
Science and technology Studies, digital social research, participation, actor-network theory, environmental sociology, political theory, controversy analysis and issue mapping

MICHAEL, Mike BA PhD (Professor)
Email: m.michael
Public understanding of science; sociology of mundane technologies; sociology of biomedical innovation; sociology of everyday life; animals and society; materiality and sociality

MIRZA, Heidi (Professor)
Email: heidi.mirza
Extension: 3109

MOTAMEDI-FRASER, Mariam PhD (Reader)
Email: m.motamedi-fraser
Extension: 2204
Islams in the Middle East, archives, stories, words, modes of sense-making

MURTHY, Dhiraj (Reader)
Email: d.murthy
Extension: 3371
Social Media, New Media, Organizations, Quantitative Sociology, Virtual Teams, Big Data, and Digital Methods

NASH, Kate BSc PhD (Professor)
Extension: 7734
Sociology of human rights; cultural politics; political sociology; citizenship; social movements; equality and diversity

NEYLAND, Daniel BA PhD (Professor)
Email: d.neyland
Extension: 7726
Governance, accountability, ethics; ethnomethodology, science and technology studies; ethnography; markets, surveillance, security

ODIH, Pamela BSoc.Sc PhD (Senior Lecturer)      
Extension: 7732
The significance of time/space to the regulation of subjects and construction of gendered subjectivity, with specific regards to consumption, advertising, organizational analysis and educational policy.

OSWELL, David BA MA PhD (Professor and Head of Department)
Extension: 7715
Cultural studies, sociology of science and technology, sociology of childhood and social theory

PUWAR, Nirmal BA MA PhD (Reader)
Extension: 7716
Dynamics of space and bodies in relation to 'universal' speaking positions and the weight of the somatic norm within national as well as international mainstream and alter arenas

RHYS-TAYLOR, Alex BSc, MA, PhD, PGCert (Lecturer)
Email: a.rhystaylor
Extension: 7710
Cities, Globalization, Urban Regeneration, Multiculture, Class, Race, Racism, Food, Smell, Sensory Methods, Ethnography and Historical Sociology

ROOKE, Alison BA PhD (Researcher & Senior Lecturer)
Extension: 5073
Issues of class, gender and sexualities in urban contexts

ROSENGARTEN, Marsha BA, Grad Dip Communications, MA, PhD (Professor)
Extension: 7733
Sociological studies of biomedicine and biotechnology inclusive of feminist poststructural critiques of matter; HIV/AIDS, blood, organ and xenotransplantation, sexuality and theories of the body

RUPPERT, Evelyn PhD (Professor)
Email: e.ruppert
Extension: 5125
Sociologies of data and governing, Big Data, social science methods, science and technology studies, population censuses, open government data, city objects

SASSATELLI, Monica PhD (Lecturer)
Extension: 2202
Cultural identity, European cultural policies (and cultural politics), the city (in Europe and global), leisure, landscape and place, experience, aesthetics, art worlds, festivals, culture industries, museums and exhibitions.

SKEGGS, Bev BA PhD PGCE (Professor)
Extension: 5007
class, cultural formations, feminist and poststructuralist theory, Pierre Bourdieu and Marx, sexuality, space and violence

ST LOUIS, Brett BA MSc PhD (Senior Lecturer)
Extension: 5061
Conceptual and practical status of race, especially in relation to politics and ethics; black/postcolonial radical intellectualism; sociology of sport; sport, culture and aesthetics

TAMARI, Tomoko (Lecturer)
Email: t.tamari
Extension: 7729
Japanese culture and society; consumer culture; women, department store and aestheticization; visual sociology; the body

TOSCANO, Alberto BA MA PhD (Reader in Critical Theory)
Extension: 7717
Contemporary social and political theory; Marxism, philosophy; political economy; history of ideas; art and aesthics 

WAKEFORD, Nina BA DPhil (Reader)
Extension: 7081
Sociology of technology, Feminist and Queer theory, methodology for studying new media and technologies

Emeritus Professor

SEIDLER, Victor Jeleniewski BA MPhil (Emeritus Professor)
: 7723
Social theory and philosophy; Marxism and critical theory, moral theory, masculinity and sexual politics; the body and emotional life; ecology and social theory; holocaust and modernity; psychoanalysis and psychotherapy; identity and ethnicity; men and feminism; the sociology of knowledge; morality and social theory; equality and liberal theory

SILVERMAN, David (Emeritus Professor)
Email: d.silverman
Conversation, discourse anaylsis, medical consultations and HIV-test counselling

Professional Staff

FEARON, Violet 
Undergraduate Programme Coordinator
Extension: 7709  (M-F 9.30-5)

GILL, Sarah
Postgraduate (MA) Programmes Officer
Extension: 7712 (Mon & Thurs 9-5, Fri 9-12.30)

KEEGAN, Carole
Centre Administrator, CSISP and CUCR (part-time)
Extension: 7381 (M,Th,F 9-2.30 and Tu 9-5)

LEWIS, Clare
Postgraduate (MA) Programmes Officer
Email: clare.lewis
Extension: 7712 (Tues & Fri 9-5, Wed 1.30-5)

MEHR, Lauren 
Department Manager
Extension: 7735

NAST, Chloe
Research Administrator
Extension: 7382

Department Coordinator
Email: l.odonnell
Extension: 7707

WARD, Bridget
Postgraduate (MPhil/PhD) Research Officer (part-time)
Extension: 2981


BATES, Charlotte
Email: c.bates
Extension: 3105
Bodies and materiality; everyday life; sense of place; inventive methods

BYRNE, Laurence
Email: lbyrn012
Extension: 3330

Email: b.cakici
Extension: 7704

Email: sop01nc
STS, more-than-humans, sensing, feminist and queer theories, citizen science, smart cities

Email: edemi010

Extension: 5054  

Email: v.ehrenstein
Extension: 5058
STS, sociology of markets, international politics, development aid

Email: j.ferozovic

Email: l.glucksberg
Extension: 7016
Urban studies; ethnography; senses of place; social class

GROMME, Francisca
Email: f.gromme
Extension: 3198

Email: n.horsley
Extension: 7179

Extension: 5054 

JUGO, Admir
Email: Gender of Justice

Email: t.keene
Extension: 7781

Email: k.kullman
Extension: 3105 
Childhood; design; learning; mobility; traffic; urban space

Email: s.milyaeva
Extension: 5058
Social studies of finance, actor-network theory, finitism, currency derivatives, financial regulation

Email: g.mlinarevic

O'REILLY, Maria 
Email: m.oreilly 
Extension: 7706
feminist theory and methodology; international politics; cultural memory; peacebuilding; transitional justice; women's activism

Email: h.pritchard
Extension: 7372
Feminist TechnoScience, Computational Aesthetics, STS, Creative Methods, DIY, Data Practices, Ethical Hacking, Feminist New Materialisms, More-than-humans, Animals, Ubiquitous Computing, Citizen Sensing, Art Practice

ROBINSON, Katherine
Email: k.robinson
Extension: 7723
urban sociology, specifically everyday public spaces; organisational life, qualitative research methods

Email: m.savransky

SCHEEL, Stephan
Email: s.scheel
Extension: 3199

Email: m.upton
Science and Technology Studies; Medical Sociology/Sociology of Health and Illness; Political Economy; Gender and Sexuality; with an emphasis on HIV/AIDS, medicines and intellectual property

USTEK, Funda
Email: f.ustek
Extension: 3201

YUILL, Simon
Email: sos01sy

Graduate Profile


"I used to work full-time, 9 to 5, in Peckham Jobcentre Plus, and had done this for a few years, until my son was born: this gave me a chance to re-think my daily routine, and consider the important things in life. So I decided to enrol in a part-time MA in Photography and Urban Cultures, which could both upgrade my photographic skills and make me see life around me in a more meaningful way.

After that, at my own pace, I decided to continue the studies and enrolled on a part-time PhD in Visual Sociology. What I most like about it are the supportive environment, the feeling that you are valued as an individual, and the mix of tools, both theoretical and practical, that have been proposed to me. There is a sense of being part of a lively community of learning and of contributing to a fruitful research enterprise."

Research in the Department of Sociology

Goldsmiths Sociology has a long track record of funded research, with research funded by UK research councils, British Academy, European Union, and charities including Leverhulme, Wellcome and Joseph Rowntree.  We are also in research collaboration with industry, local and national government and public bodies.

Recent and current funded research

Goldsmiths Sociology has a long track record of funded research, with research funded by UK research councils, British Academy, European Union, and charities including Leverhulme, Wellcome and Joseph Rowntree.  We are also in research collaboration with industry, local and national government and public bodies. 


NameTitleFunding BodyStart DateEnd Date
Emma Jackson The Choreography of everyday multiculture: Bowling Together? ESRC Jan-15 Dec-17
Val Gillies Troubled Families and Inter Agency Collaboration: Lessons from Historical Comparative ESRC Dec-14 Nov-15
Marsha Rosengarten, Martin Savransky & Daniel Neyland ‘Situated efficacy’ as a novel approach to interdisciplinary in the devising and delivery of effective medical and behavioural interventions Brocher Foundation Nov-14 Mar-15
Katrina Jungnickel Near Miss Project Creative Exchange Oct-14 May-15
Evelyn Ruppert Peopling Europe: How data make a people (ARITHMUS) ERC Consolidator Grant May-14 Apr-19
Marsha Rosengarten & Martin Savransky Towards a Concept of Situated Efficacy: An Alternative Mode for Collboration between Social Science and Biomedicine BA Leverhulme Small Grant Apr-14 Mar-15
Anja Kanngieser Sounding Geography: Piloting a method for understanding how we experience our sound worlds BA Leverhulme Small Grant Apr-14 Mar-15
Alison Rooke Curating Community AHRC Research Grant Feb-14 May-14
Alison Rooke Creative Collisions and Critical Conversations AHRC Research Grant Feb-14 May-14
Yasmin Gunaratnam “Go Home”: Mapping the unfolding controversy of Home Office Immigration Campaigns ESRC Urgency Grants Mechanism Nov-13 Mar-15
Anja Kanngieser Creating Worlds Together ESRC Festival of Science Nov-13 Nov-13
Nirmal Puwar War, Memory and the Art of Dialogue ESRC Festival of Science Nov-13 Nov-13
Monika Krause Triaging Values ESRC Oct-13 Oct-16
Alison Rooke Silver Stories Leonardo Transfer of Innovation Oct-13 Sept-15
Sara Farris Intersectional Contract. Understanding the Intersection of Gender and “Race”/Ethnic Inequalities in the Care-Domestic Sector in the UK by Means of Racial-Sexual Contract Analysis Marie-Curie Intra-European Fellowship Oct-13 Nov-15
Rob Imrie Unidesign ERC Advanced Investigator Grant Sept-13 Aug-16
Rob Imrie Designing inclusive environments: shaping transitions from theory into practice ESRC Seminar Series Sept-13 Apr-14
Alison Rooke In-Finite: Turning Social Media into a Creative Conversation AHRC Creative Works Programme Sept-13 May-14
Evelyn Ruppert ARITHMUS: Counting Britain in Europe British Academy Sept-13 Aug-15
Beverley Skeggs A Sociology of Values and Value ESRC Fellowship Sept-13 Aug-16
Monika Krause Triaging Human Rights: How Human Rights NGOs allocate resources British Academy Sept-13 Aug-16
Alison Rooke Community Impact Assessment London & Quadrant Housing 2013  
Katrina Jungnickel Transmission: Knowledge Exchange ESRC / Intel Jul-13 May-14
Evelyn Ruppert Socialising Big Data ESRC Jun-13 May-14
Daniel Neyland Market Based Initiatives As Solutions To Techo-Scientific Problems ERC Mar-13 Feb-18
Katrina Jungnickel Transmission: Interdisciplinary research project involving the making, curating and representing of knowledge Intel Mar-13 Jun-14
Alison Rooke Urban Biotopes/CUCR - Berlin-Johannesburg Research Collaboration Urban Dialogues / EU Culture Scheme Jan-13 Dec-15
Jennifer Gabrys Citizen Sensing and Environmental Practice: Assessing Participatory Engagements with Enviroments through Sensor Technologies ERC Jan-13 Dec-17
Yasmin Gunaratnam Case Stories: Social Pain and Transnational Dying British Academy Jan-13 Dec-13
Kirsten Campbell The Gender of Justice: The Prosecution of Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict ERC Jan-13 Dec-16
Roger Burrows, Caroline Knowles Life in the 'Alpha Territory': London's 'Super Rich' Neighbourhoods ESRC Jan-13 Jul-15
Rebecca Coleman Austerity Futures: Imagining and materialising the future in an age of austerity ESRC Seminar Series Oct-12 Sept-14
Annie Pfingst Emergency - a Genealogy of Emergency Regulations British Academy Oct-12 Mar-15
Caroline Knowles What Calculations and Strategies Drive Young Migrants? ERSC Hong Kong Bilateral Oct-12 Sept-14
Michaela Benson Self-Building: the production and consumption of new homes from the perspective of households ESRC Oct-12 Sept-15
Rebecca Coleman Austerity Futures: Imagining and materialising the future in an age of austerity ESRC Seminar Series Oct-12 Sept-14
Noortje Marres Performing environmental change: The politics of methods University of Oslo, CTIC Sept-12 Aug-13
Alison Rooke Open Minds Evaluation South London & Maudsley Health Trust 2012  
Caroline Knowles From Oil to Garbage: Navigating the Flip Flop Trail Leverhulme Trust Oct-12 Sept-14
Alison Rooke Future Stages Evaluation Oval House Theatre 2012  
Noortje Marres Issue Lifelines: Implementing the Co-Word Machine ESRC May-12  Mar-13
Katrina Jungnickel Biennial Conference, EASST 2012 Microsoft 2012  2012
Les Back, Celia Lury, Robert Zimmer (Computing) Real Time Research ESRC / National Centre for Research Methods Dec-11 Sept-12
Noortje Marres Issue Mapping: Demonstrating the Relevance for Participatory Social Research ESRC Digital Social Research Programme Dec-11 Nov-12
Les Back Shock and Awe: a hundred years of bombing from above British Academy Nov-11 Nov-11
Vikki Bell Visual Art and Justice in Argentina (post 1983) AHRC Oct-11 Jun-12
Vikki Bell UK-Latin America Link Programme British Academy Sept-11 Jun-12
Alison Rooke Take Part Case Studies ESRC 2011  
Emma Uprichard Food Matters ESRC May-11 Apr-12
Daniel Neyland Automatic Data relevancy Discrimination for a PRIVacy-sensitive video surveillance FP7 Mar-11 Feb-14
Bill Gaver (Design), Jennifer Gabrys, Noortje Marres Energy & Co-Designing Communities RCUK Jan-11 Jun-14
Nina Wakeford, Celia Lury, Sophie Day (Anthropology) Materializing Number through Measure: Sensing, Knowing and Participating Intel Foundation Jan-11 Dec-13
Mike Michael Sustainability Invention and Energy Demand Reduction: Co-Designing Communities and Practice Energy & Communities Collaborative Venture (ESRC/EPSRC) Jan-11 Dec-13
Michael Guggenheim Organising Disaster: Civil Protection and the Population ERC Jan-11 Dec-14
Alison Rooke, Marj Mayo Amicall Project EU Integration Fund Dec-10 Aug-12
Alison Rooke, Imogen Slater The Extending Creative Practice Grundtvig Partnership Oct-10 Aug-12
Kevin McDonald Islamic Activism in Europe Today Australian Research Council Feb-10 Mar-12
Michael Guggenheim “In the Event of …” Anticipatory and Participatory Politics of Emergency Provision Vienna Science and Technology Funds 2010 2012
Alison Rooke Signs of the City EU Culture Fund 2009  
Alison Rooke 3 year evaluation of Southwark Preventing Violent Extremism Programme LB of Southwark 2009  
Alison Rooke Serpentine Skills Exchange Serpentine Gallery Mar-09 Jul-11
Caroline Knowles Translating Beijing ESRC Bilateral 2008  
Les Back EU Margins The 7th Framework Programme of the European Union May-08 Apr-10
Kevin McDonald Violence and subjectivity in a global movement: jihadi trajectories in Spain and the United Kingdom European Union, Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship Feb-08 Jan-10



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