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Job success for Computer Games Masters graduates

Graduates of the MSc in Computer Games and Entertainment have an excellent record of securing jobs in their field shortly after graduation. 

Here are some updates on what our recent alumni are now doing – whether they are working in the games industry, or have taken their transferable skills to a different career path. 

If you are one of our graduates please get in touch as we'd love to hear what you're doing now! 


Nikolaos Asfis (graduated in 2012)

  • Short bio: Greek; studied Applied Maths and Physics for his BSc
  • Work experience as games developer at Roll7 (early 2011 to late 2012)

Gokce Balkan (graduated in 2012)

  • Short bio: Turkish; studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering (BSc and MSc)
  • Internship at We R Interactive (Summer of 2012)
  • "Every student from those having unrelated background to experienced software engineers can benefit from this course. Before starting the course, I did not have much programming experience and almost no insight about the components of a game and the necessary tools. The intensive assignments in this course helped me to get a good knowledge in graphics, physics, animation, AI, computer vision and game business. An interesting fact for me was that I could get an internship in a Facebook games company after learning HTML5 and Javascript from scratch with a Physics assignment." 
  • Contractual games developer, currently working with Lola Grange on Code Venturers (since late 2012)

Max Bye (graduated in 2012)

  • Short bio: British; did a BSc in Physics at Southampton University (2008-11). "I enjoy drawing and scripting. I would like to make a game about social intelligence and I think I want to be a director or producer."
  • MSc feedback (November 2011):
    "Super tough for beginners but there's plenty of support so it's never unmanageable."
  • Internship at M&C Saatchi (Summer of 2012)
  • Last news: developer at Freeformers (as of early 2013)

Andrew Dyer (graduated in 2012)

  • Short bio: British; did a BSc at Goldsmiths in Maths and Computing (2000-03)
  • Internship @ Supermassive (Summer of 2012)
  • Andrew has written to tell us he is now working full time (since Oct. 2012) at Supermassive Games. Congratulations, Andrew!

'The MSc Computer Games & Entertainment course has done an excellent job preparing me for working at the front lines of the games industry, and as a programmer specifically. It has been intensive and very thorough, encouraging us all to understand first-hand the workings of graphics, animation, and physics systems that ultimately helped me working with them at a higher level during my internship at Supermassive Games and subsequent employment at the studio.'

Simon Grinberg (graduated in 2012) - check out Simon's portfolio

  • Short bio: from Israeli; did a BSc in Computer Science at Tel Aviv University (2002-05)
  • Worked at Navy C4I as UI engineer and Lead of integration tools (2005-11)
  • Founder and CTO of Dream Farmer (since July 2011)
  • Feedback on the MSc (as of December 2011): "This is a really good and intense course, I'm constantly learning something new. It's a lot of work, so be prepared to study and program a lot. C++ knowledge is a definite plus when coming in."
  • Internship @ Splash Damage (Summer of 2012)
  • Back full time as CTO of Dream Farmer (since Oct. 2012)

Luke Haugh (graduated in 2012)

  • Short bio: British; did a BSc in Computer Science with AI at Southampton University (2008-11)
  • PG Departmental Student Coordinator for Computing at Goldsmiths (2011-12)
  • Feedback on the MSc (as of December 2011): "After finishing this Master's I plan to enter into the game industry as a coder. The course so far has been very programming intensive and I am expecting to find a good position when applying for internships in January."
  • Personal website (portfolio):
  • Internship @ Climax Studios (Summer of 2012)
  • Mobile game developer at Big Bit (since December 2012)

George Kanellopoulos (graduated in 2012)

  • Short bio: Greek; did a BSc in engineering
  • Internship @ Roll7 (Summer of 2012)

George says, 'I think that the course was great and gave as good insight on the most important aspects of games development. 

'Also I think that it is suited for both intermediate and advanced programmers because due to the relatively open nature of the projects everyone could work depending on their skill level, so all the projects were equally challenging for all.

'Also it is really good that almost every project was done in C++ because it is the most important language to know in the games industry'.

Dawid Kubiak (graduated in 2012)

  • Short bio: Polish; did a BSc in Computer Science

Dawid wrote to tell us that, following his internship there, he has been offered a permanent position as a game developer at HandCircus. - Congrats Dawid - that's fantastic news!

John (Jack) Lawson (graduated in 2012)

Petros Mizamidis (graduated in 2012)

  • Short bio: Greek; studied electrical and computer engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Was Technical Director for from January 2010 to June 2011. He is back at .
  • "I am currently part of three different teams working on three different game projects to further enhance my portfolio [...] I was very satisfied by the overall quality of the lectures and the coursework on the MSc."

This is a demo video of Havoc City Destruction by Petros - for more videos visit


Sparacino, Ilenia (graduated in 2012; did the part time 2 year track: 2010 --> 2012)

  • Short bio: Italian; graduated from Milan University, with a BSc in Digital Communication (LinkedIn profile)
  • Did an internship at The PlayMob during her first summer (2011) on the MSc CGE (part-time student) and a 2nd internship @ We R Interactive (Summer of 2012)
  • Currently a junior developer @ We R Interactive

Valentin Suciu (graduated in 2012)

  • Short bio: Romanian; qualified as Informatics Engineer in Business Informatics (2006-09) and Information Security (2009-11)
  • Internship @ IdeaWorks (Summer of 2012)
  • Software engineer (since late 2012)
  • LinkedIn profile

Armagos, Panagiotis (Panos) (graduated in 2011):

  • Games designer at Unit9 (since November 2011)

Benigni, Fryderyk (graduated in 2011):

  • CTO Director at AppsVortex Ltd
  • Fryderyk joined us in 2009 and did our MSc part-time in two years. He was busy with his venture as co-founder and CTO (IT Architect Consultant) at Kminds Software Solutions during his time with us

Bennett, Daniel (graduated in 2010):

  • Programmer at Arooga since October 2010
  • Managing Director at Tech64 Ltd

Churchward, Benjamin (graduated in 2010):

  • Senior Analyst Programmer Contractor at Fitch Ratings since October 2010

Coward Eek, Lars Erik (graduated in 2011):

  • Junior Programmer at Sony SCEE in London since October 2011
  • Short bio: Native from Norway; graduate from the Norwegian School of Information Technology, with a BSc in IT. Spent the Summer of 2009 in Scotland to take part in the Dare to be Digital competition, where at the end of 10 weeks in collaboration with his three teammates they built the game 'Break a leg'

Datta-Chauduri, Ashoke (graduated in 2010):

Ash says:

I came to Goldsmiths to study Computer Games, with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering rather than the more common ones in Computer Science or Games. I’d dabbled in programming before but what was most useful was the coding course, rapidly moving through useful concepts and getting things up and running early on. The course also helped me build up a portfolio of work to show to prospective employers, covering a variety of topics from rendering, physics and animation, before finally working on AI in my dissertation.

After graduating I got a job programming at Sony London Studios and have gone on to learn a lot more about working in the games industry during the last two years.

Franconeri, Fabio (graduated in 2010):

  • Games programmer at IdeaWorks since October 2010
  • Did a summer internship at IdeaWorks (2010)

Galdies, Keith (graduated in 2011):

  • Software Developer at Uniblue Systems Ltd since September 2011
  • Short bio: Native from Malta; graduate from the University of Malta with a BSc ICT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. He decided to take the MSc Computer Games and Entertainment due to his passion for games and interest in the courses offered by the faculty

Gkoris, Dimitris (graduated in 2009):

  • Smartphone Games Developer at Capcom since June 2011
  • Software Developer at Execview from March 2010 to June 2011
  • Feedback on the MSc CGE: "I attended the MSc in Computer Games and Entertainment at Goldsmiths during its first year, so I didn’t know what to expect. My first degree in computing was in my country, Greece, so the transition to a foreign university was quite challenging mostly because of the language. In addition, the course itself was very demanding and I had to invest a lot of time for my assignments.

    Most of the projects I undertook were very difficult and sometimes I had no clue where to start and how to accomplish them. However, the guidance and expertise of my tutors helped me overcome most difficulties, while practice and working with my study group really helped me gain valuable knowledge. I was particularly proud of the results of my dissertation which was a project in Artificial Intelligence, the most important ingredient of a good video game.

    All the lecturers, Frederic Fol Leymarie, Gareth Lewis, Marco Gillies and William Latham, were passionate about their subjects and they were also very nice and friendly individuals. It was an excellent chance for networking with people who had actual experience in the video games industry or have worked in similar fields with many years of expertise.

    I was really pleased when I graduated, as my Master’s degree opened up career doors that were previously closed to me. The most incredible effect on my career was that I later had equal opportunity to work either as a games programmer or as a programmer in a commercial company, which is what I am doing at the moment as a Software Developer at Execview ( that helps the University of London, BBC, ITV and other big companies and organisations manage their projects."

Huxtable, James (graduated in 2010):

  • Junior programmer at Sports Interactive since September 2010
  • Did a summer internship at Sports Interactive (2010)
  • Feedback at graduation ceremony, January 2011: YouTube video

Jabari, Amirhossein (graduated in 2010):

  • Software Engineer at Midas Klark Teknik (since April 2011) working on audio mixing consoles
  • Freelance C++ programmer; currently (from late 2010 to March 2011) customising boost-like string class for the Motorola processor family
  • Feedback on the MSc: "Studying at Goldsmiths was particularly important for me to learn how the video games industry is working. Meeting a number of keen students as well as professionals in the industry was also priceless. Overall, it was a good break for me to update and refresh myself with the new technology after being away from academia for almost six years."

Lad, Kieran (graduated in 2009):

  • Senior software developer leading a team of programmers and video artists at Telemetry (since March 2010)

Manning, Tom (graduated in 2010):

  • Independent software developer, based in Taiwan since early 2011

Page, Michael (graduated in 2011):

  • Junior programmer at Sony SCEE in London since October 2011
  • Short bio: British; graduate from the University of Warwick with a BSc in Physics with Computing

Peacock, James (graduated in 2010):

  • Programmer at Rebellion since September 2010
  • Did a summer internship at Rebellion (2010)

Powell, Steve (graduated in 2011):

  • Programmer and designer at IdeaWorks since November 2011
  • Short bio: British; graduate from Staffordshire University, with a BA in Fine Art. Steve has over 12 years of experience as a developer for various UK-based companies, as well as doing freelance work; he has developped many Flash-based games

Tsevrenis, Aris (graduated in 2010):

  • Programmer at Curve Studios since early 2011
  • Lead Programmer at Colossal Games from November 2010 to early 2011
  • Did a summer internship at Asylum Entertainment (2010)
  • Feedback on the MSc: "The main and big benefit that I got from my time at Goldsmiths was due to the professors who were always happy to help and provide me with any information that I required during my MSc and during my job seeking. Always supportive with a lot of experience to back up their opinions and ways, they gave me a lot of 'tools' to help me get in the games industry." (December 2010)

Vasudevan, Murari (graduated in 2010):

Waring, Benjamin (graduated in 2011):

  • Programmer at Bossa Studios (social networking games) in London, since November 2011
  • Short bio: British; graduate from the University of Leeds, with a BSc in Mathematics
  • Did an internship at Sony SCEE in London; R&D studios; summer of 2011

Wash, Matthew (graduated in 2011):

  • Developer at Geomerics since October 2011 (initially an intern, June to Sept. 2011).
  • Short bio: British; graduate from the University of Essex, with a BSc in Biological Sciences and an MSc in Computer Studies. Matt was Lead Developer at AIM Technology Ltd in Ipswich for eight years. "I graduated from the University of Essex with a Biological Sciences degree (2:1) in 2000. Following that I went on to complete a computer science conversion MSc, also at Essex, for which I achieved a distinction. My final dissertation project was a tool demonstrating the application of genetic algorithms to various optimisation problems written in Java. After completing the MSc I joined a small business intelligence software startup based in Ipswich where I gained more than eight years' commercial development experience. I have always been interested in game development and spent a considerable amount of time researching the topic and experimenting with various technologies in my spare time before starting the MSc course at Goldsmiths. My main interest lies in the graphics programming side of game development having been particularly inspired by 'Real-Time Rendering – Third Edition' by Akenine-Moller, Haines & Hoffman which I must have almost read cover to cover by now. I am hoping that the MSc will allow me to fulfil my goal of becoming a rendering engineer."

Zhang, Peng (graduated in 2010):

  • March 2011: Peng has started at OnDemandWorld which opened new offices in Beijing recently; Peng was hired as 'iPhone and web platform programmer'. The first iPad App he worked on appeared in August 2011; it helps people learn Chinese.
  • Feedback on the MSc: "What I found particularly attractive about the MSc, apart from the knowledge, technology and business ideas we've learnt, is the possibility to develop easy-to-play computer games by ourselves. With the help of Dr Mick Grierson and Dr Gareth Lewis, my final project was on programming iPhone games which has now also become my career interest in the market."