Genesis 1219


The Genesis 12-19 Study (G1219) research project has been running since the year 2000.

It is a twin and sibling study of development and gene–environment interplay in the UK.

The G1219 participants were aged between 12 and 19 at the first wave of data collection and 4 additional waves of data have since been collected (wave 5 was completed in November 2012).

Data from this study has been invaluable in providing us with novel information about different aspects of development including friendship, prosocial behaviour as well as difficulties that may develop (such as insomnia and depression symptoms).

We have published over 40 papers on the data - with many more research papers in the pipeline.

We want to thank all participants of the G1219 study for their invaluable input and share with them some of our most recent findings. We therefore mailed out the G1219 newsletter.

For more general information about G1219 see: McAdams TA, Gregory AM, Rowe R, Zavos HMS, Barclay NL, Lau JYF, Maughan B, Eley TC (2013) The Genesis 12–19 (G1219) Study: a Twin and Sibling Study of Gene–Environment Interplay and Adolescent Development in the UK. Twin Res Hum Genet 16(1):134–143