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Dr Alice Jones

Position held:
Senior Lecturer and Director of Unit of School and Family Studies

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Whitehead Building, Room 203/4
Psychology Department,
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By appointment

Summary of research

  • Development of antisocial behaviour
  • Social and emotional processing in children with behavioural problems
  • Development of empathy and emotion processing skills
  • School achievement and well-being

Academic qualifications

BSc PGCert PhD


1st year undergraduate: 

Psychology of a Person

3rd year undergraduate:

Psychology & Education (course co-ordinator), Behavioural Genetics

Postgraduate courses:

Co-Director of MSc Science of Psychology, Genetics and Education

MSc Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience

Areas of supervision

I am interested in supervising projects that relate to emotion processing and empathy development in children and adolescents. I am also interested in thinking about social and emotional aspects of learning that might contribute toward school achievement and well-being.

Grants & awards

2011:   Nuffield Foundation Small Grant to study neuropsychological profiles of students in PRUs (£14,340).
2011:   Participant in Royal Society MP-Scientist Pairing Scheme.
2011:   Learning and Teaching Fellowship from Goldsmiths for production of employability resources (£1998).
2010:   Learning and Teaching Fellowship from Goldsmiths for teaching-linked animations (£1850).
2009:   Awarded funding from Goldsmiths Department of Psychology for bullying research (£3537).
2009:   Awarded Local Authority funding for evaluation of intervention programme (£40,000).
2008:   Awarded funding from the Central Research Fund at the University of London (£2303).
2008:   Awarded ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship award for 12 months (£76,944).

Professional activities

I am also interested in science communication. I took part in the Royal-Society's MP-Scientist Pairing Scheme in 2011, and presented at the British Psychological Society's Psychology4All day in March 2011. I was also interviewed for Brain Culture aired on BBC Radio 4 on 15th November 2011.

Research interests

My research is interdisciplinary and I have published experimental, behavioural genetic, and neuroimaging investigations of conduct problems, callous-unemotional traits, and autism spectrum disorders.

The main focus of my work has been on emotion processing and understanding and empathy in children and adolescents with antisocial behavioural problems. Specifically, I am interested in emotional development in children with severe and chronic behavioural difficulties, including those with callous-unemotional traits (or early psychopathic behaviours). I started this work with Young Offenders, and continue to study children and adolescents in mainstream and in special education settings.

I am currently heading four major projects:

  1. A project funded by the Nuffield Foundation to investigate the neuropsychological and mental health profiles of those students referred to specialist educational provisions for behavioural difficulties (Pupil Referral Units/SEBD schools). This work started in September 2011 and is in its second year of investigation.
  2. An evaluation of an intervention programme for children with chronic and severe behavioural and emotional difficulties.
  3. An investigation of the neuropsychological, behavioural and personality correlates of bullying. This study aims to use earlier work on callous-unemotional traits and emotional processing and empathy to refine the profiles of children and adolescents involved in different types of bullying behaviour.
  4. We are starting to examine the building blocks of empathy development; working with pre-schools to examine social and emotional abilities and behaviour.


I also work in collaboration with InLab, working on projects related to school achievement.

Selected publications

Number of items: 22.


Warren, Laura, Jones, Alice P. and Frederickson, Norah. 2014. Callous-unemotional interpersonal style in DSM-V: what does this mean for the UK SEBD population? Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, ISSN 1363-2752 [Article]

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Book Section

Viding, Essi, Larsson, H. and Jones, Alice P.. 2009. Quantitative genetic studies of antisocial behaviour. In: Sheilagh Hodgins, Essi Viding and Anna Plodowski, eds. The Neurobiological Basis of Violence: Science and Rehabilitation. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 251-263. ISBN 978019954353-3 [Book Section]


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