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Summary of research

My research broadly fits into two streams: social neuroscience and visual cognition.

Within these streams I work on the following topics:

  • emotion recognition
  • face recognition
  • prosopagnosia
  • synaesthesia
  • interpersonal representation
  • ageing
  • all aspects of non-invasive brain stimulation.

For further details and a full publication list see my lab website at

Public engagement

Work featured in several media sources, eg New Scientist magazine , Scientific American, Reuters, and the BBC. Invited talks given at a number of public events, eg Open City Docs Fest and Wellcome Trust Packed Lunch Series. Articles written for several popular science outlets (eg Scientific American, AEON Magazine).

Academic qualifications


Grants & awards

Enhancing the perception of social facial cues using non-invasive brain stimulation. Economic and Social Research Council Future Research Leaders Grant (2013-2016). £298,656

Mechanisms of self-other discrimination in mirror-touch synaesthesia. BIAL Foundation Research Grant (2013-2015). €44,000

Development of the neural basis of shared touch in human infancy. British Academy Small Grant (Co-Investigator; 2013-2014). £9,295

Social Perception Across the Lifespan. Economic and Social Research Council Seminar Series Grant (2012-2014). £14,760

TDCS studies of face perception. British Academy Small Grant (2012-2014). £10,000

Mirror-touch: Film & Mirror-touch Synaesthesia. Leverhulme Trust International Network Grant (Network Partner; 2012-2014). £58,789

Brain stimulation studies of vocal identity processing. Royal Society Research Grant (2011-2012). £7,700

Neurocognitive mechanisms of synaesthesia: Implications for the role of cross-modal interactions in perception and cognition. British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship (2010-2013). £248,331

Simulation Processes in Social Cognition. Economic and Social Research Council (2009-2010). £96,298

Research interests

My current research fits broadly into two main areas: 1) neurocognitive mechanisms of social perception and 2) synaesthesia.

Social perception

My research in this area examines the brain basis of our ability to perceive and interpret social signals displayed by others (e.g. emotional expressions, facial identity, voice perception, eye gaze), how these abilities vary between us, and how they change as we age. My lab use a range of techniques including human brain imaging, non-invasive brain stimulation, and neuropsychology (e.g. prosopagnosia studies) to address these questions.


My work on synaesthesia partially overlaps with the work on social perception. Here, I have examined a rare experience in which individuals experience tactile sensations on their own body when simply observing touch/pain to another person. This interpersonal synaesthetic experience, known as mirror-touch synaesthesia, offers insights not only into the condition of synaesthesia, but also into how our brain shapes interpersonal representations between self and other. In addition to this, my lab are also conducting studies examining other variants of synaesthesia including linguistic-colour synaesthesia (where words evoke colour experiences), lexical-gustatory synaesthesia (where words evoke taste experiences), and tone-colour synaesthesia (where listening to music evokes visual experiences).

Selected publications

Number of items: 35.


Romanska, Aleksandra, Rezlescu, Constantin, Susilo, Tirta, Duchaine, Bradley and Banissy, Michael J.. 2015. High-Frequency Transcranial Random Noise Stimulation Enhances Perception of Facial Identity. Cerebral Cortex, ISSN 1047-3211 [Article]

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Book Section

Banissy, Michael J.. 2013. Synaesthesia, mirror neurons and mirror-touch. In: E Hubbard and J Simner, eds. The Oxford Handbook of Synaesthesia. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 584-605. ISBN 978-0-19-960332-9 [Book Section]

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