Studying in the Department of Psychology

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We are a well-established, expanding department, currently with 35 full-time academic staff (including nine professors and four readers), plus a panel of visiting tutors.


At Goldsmiths, you can:

  • Graduate with a degree accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS) which means you’re eligible for graduate membership with the BPS (GBC) – vital if you want to be a psychologist
  • Debate with award-winning academics who are experts in their field and often the people behind the books
  • Take advantage of our Skills and Employability programme set up to develop the skills you need as an undergraduate and to start you off thinking about careers
  • Keep on top of the latest developments in research and how psychology is applied to the real world through our regular seminar series

Our undergraduate programmes

Undergraduate Programmes

BSc (Hons) Psychology

This degree offers a scientific approach to the study of human behaviour, giving a broad understanding of psychological theory and research. It will develop your understanding of the processes influencing how people think, feel, behave, and interact.

  • Psychology

BSc (Hons) Psychology with Clinical Psychology

This degree offers a scientific approach to the study of human behaviour, with an emphasis on clinically relevant skills, knowledge and experience giving a broad understanding of psychological theory and research.

  • Psychology

BSc (Hons) Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience

This degree offers a scientific approach to the study of human behaviour, with an emphasis on neuroscience explanations of human behaviour and neuroscience methods. It will develop your understanding of the processes that influence people.

  • Psychology

BSc (Hons) Psychology with Forensic Psychology

This degree offers a scientific approach to the study of psychology and behaviour. You will be introduced to psychological theories, methods and processes relating to the legal, criminal and civil justice systems.

  • Psychology

BSc (Hons) Psychology with Management

This degree offers a scientific approach to the study of human behaviour with emphasis on applications of psychology relevant to management, including the study of organisational behaviour and health, and leadership and talent management.

  • Psychology


  • Choose from 7 Masters degrees covering core sub-disciplines within Psychology and more specialized programmes

  •  Apply for a PhD studentship in Psychology via our ESRC-funded Doctoral Training Partnership

  •  Become part of a thriving postgraduate community with over 140 MSc, MPhil, and PhD students from around the world

Our postgraduate programmes

Postgraduate Programmes

MPhil & PhD in Psychology

We're committed to developing our postgraduates into skilled researchers who can conduct rigorous research using a variety of methods and analytic techniques.

  • Psychology

MRes in Research Methods in Psychology

This programme trains you in the fundamental aspects of quantitative and qualitative research, including research design, data collection and data analysis, and provides practical, ‘hands-on’ experience.

  • Psychology

MSc Computational Cognitive Neuroscience

Understanding the relationship between brain, cognition and behaviour is one of the main challenges the scientific community is currently facing. Which neural processes underlie “free” decisions, the formation of new memories, the emergence of conscious experience? Computational cognitive neuroscience is a young and exciting discipline that tackles these long-standing research questions by integrating computer modelling with experimental research.

  • Computing

MSc in Cognitive & Clinical Neuroscience

This exciting MSc reflects the broad-ranging and strong neuroscience research profile of our Department, equipping you with a rigorous grounding in the theory and applications of cognitive, clinical, and developmental neuroscience.

  • Psychology

MSc in Foundations in Clinical Psychology & Health Services

This innovative MSc programme aims to provide students with a strong knowledge and experience base for progressing to health service careers, particularly those looking to become clinical psychologists and clinical psychology researchers.

  • Psychology

MSc in Music, Mind & Brain

This unique programme combines music psychology with neuroscience, focusing on both the biological and cognitive aspects of musical behaviour.

  • Psychology

MSc in the Psychology of Social Relations

This Masters will examine when and why humans develop social relations with other individuals or social groups, and the psychological consequences of these social relations. 

  • Psychology

Study abroad

The Department of Psychology offers an Erasmus scheme which enables you to live in a European city for part of your degree. 

Laboratories and technical support

Our two teaching laboratories have a total of 65 networked computers which are used for training and experiment design. We have fully-equipped, air-conditioned research labs for psychosocial, cognitive and multi-purpose research.

  • Use our on-site facilities including a Visual Perception and Attention Laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art eye tracking systems and our neuroscience labs including EEG and brain stimulation
  • Access our dedicated research units including the Infant Lab, the Unit for School and Family Studies, InLab and the Sensorimotor Development Lab which offer the latest facilities for research and lab work
  • Gain support from our in-house technical support staff in using a whole suite of specialist equipment and software, including an extensive psychological test library.